Photographic Evidence

These photos are not intended as a stand-alone evidence, but as supplements to my detailed report, posted as “My Story…” below. Please see the complete blog chronicling this harassment for clarification on what these photos imply.

  1. This picture shows one of hundreds upon hundreds of random texts I’ve received during the course of this harrasment. Even with my call/text blocker on my phone, this group still manages to sneak texts and calls through.
  2. This webpage appeared on my daughter, Brittany’s, phone just days after she filed a police report regarding an attempted breaking and entering her and her boyfriend witnessed at my house. This incident was videotaped. When we scrolled down the page, we noticed that it also showed pictures of webcams, safes, and various locks—all of the items Kirsten and I had spent the week shopping for.
  3. This shows a mysteriously “corrupted” photograph we found on my computer. The original copy of my report on gang stalking was similarly destroyed.
  4. This one shows a simple example of dozens of instances of “food manipulation” that have occurred in our home, as well as out at restaurants. “Food manipulation” is a common gang stalking technique that is intended to cause anxiety and paranoia at a very basic psychological level. See “5” below for more thoughts on this…
  5. This photo reveals two knots tied in our window fan’s cord. This may sound silly, but it represents another typical gang stalking technique. When these people break into a victim’s house, they often leave a “mark.” This is a way of intimidating the victim and essentially letting them know that they were there, and that there is nothing the victim can do about it. After all, how do you report that someone broke into your house and tied your fan’s cord into a knot? On one level they appear to want to make the victim look “crazy,” however there is more to this breaking and entering than just that. One ex U.S. Army officer has publicly stated that these people not only break into target’s homes to move stuff about and make them look nuts, they are putting drugs in victims’  food and drinks. The perpetrators of the assaults against me has also tied knots in our laptops’ cords, shoe laces, a jump rope, and many other miscellaneous items in ways that could not have occurred by accident. In this instance, Kirsten and I discovered this fan together. Neither of us did this, and we live alone. Perhaps the cord tied itself…? Or maybe we were hallucinating? If so, the hallucination appears to have superimposed itself on the photograph below. That must mean you are hallucinating too.  Or, if the government is claiming to investigate us, as seems to be the case based on the conclusions I reach in “My story…,” perhaps this is some new investigative technique the general public has never heard of. If so, I would like to know what the purpose is. Taken in concert with everything else we have dealt with, to me it appears to be a form of psychological warfare. 
  6. Also, please see the attached file at the bottom of this post. It shows receipts from three certified copies of my report regarding this stalking, which were mailed to the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and an investigative journalist with CBS. These were mailed through the United States Postal Service by Certified Mail, but were never delivered. After arriving at their destination cities, they merely vanished into thin air. I have also had numerous emailed copies of the report never arrive in their intended recipients mailbox. 

1. Random Text
Homeland Security
2. Random website on my daughter’s phone.


Corrupted Photo
3. Corrupted Photo
Food Manipulation
4. Food Manipulation
5. Fan Knots

ed Mail.missing


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