Must See Gang Stalking Youtube Videos and Websites

YouTube Videos:

  1. This frightening video documents the U.S. federal government’s past and present mind control and targeted energy weapon’s testing programs, which is allegedly being perpetrated against United States citizens all across the country, today. The video provides detailed evidence, victim testimony, quotes from pioneering scientists who developed these weapons, and clear analysis of this crime against humanity. It is one of the most important documentaries ever produced. A few sections of the video repeat, but these are short. Be sure to watch the entire video. There is new material presented throughout, and the middle and end portions present the most stunning revelations of the government’s programs: CIA, MKUltra, the Phoenix Project, MONARCH, and HAARP
  2. This alarming, must-see YouTube Video presents an interview with Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy microwave specialist who speaks on microwave warfare and its covert use against people: Microwave Weapons
  3. This video is especially important for victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment, which details the techniques used by organized stalkers as outlined in the CIA’s training manuals on “in-community, no-touch torture.” Yes these people are being trained by the CIA!: Organized Stalkers Techniques
  4. This audio recording is a radio interview with a former U.S. Army officer who speaks on the use of, and connection between, gang stalking, covert directed energy weapon’s research, and the United States Government. She also mentions that agents are putting drugs in targeted individual’s food and drink as a part of the gang stalking protocol. This may explain the numerous home break ins targets are reporting: Youtube Video Weapon’s Research
  5. Here is a recording from a conference hosted by Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. John Hall at Sonoma State University regarding the use of energy weapons, mind control, gang stalking, the CIA and NSA: Youtube Video Sanoma State
  6. Here is a video about organized stalking tactics that identifies the system as a brainwashing technique: Youtube Video Brainwashing
  7. This is a long video and the narrator moves slowly from point to point but he does a good job of describing a vast number of gang stalking tactics in detail, many of which I have experienced firsthand: Youtube Video Gangstalking Tactics Detailed



  1. Here is a great blog that describes the  gang stalking protocol clearly and in detail: BLOG
  2. “Before It’s News” Report on targeted individuals being used for illegal human research.
  3. A professional organization … The International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:
  4. This one is a good source of general information on gang stalking and the various abuses and terms used to describe those abuses and the people involved: Gang Stalking Tactics and Terms
  5. This one is a bit rambling and extreme, but it contains lots of information and links regarding gang stalking and electronic harassment by a TI who is clearly outraged (I don’t blame him! So am I!):
  6. This website is a nonprofit organization that provides information and support for targeted individuals:

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