Introduction to Gang Stalking

Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from TI’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow victims of this crime to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. Please contact me at or Thank you! T.B. Justice

Dear Reader,

What you are about to read is a true story. I am an American author living in Central Oregon. For the past two years I have been under attack by a mostly unidentified group of assailants. At first I thought these were locals who did not like me or my work. I teach meditation and spiritual awakening classes, and I have two published books on meditation. As these attacks progressed month after month, then year after year, growing in intensity and complexity, I began to realize that I was dealing with something far more organized, sophisticated, and frightening.

Eventually I began doing some research and what I found was disturbing: There is a form of terrorism now taking place in which innocent citizens are being targeted and harassed by multiple people to the point of psychological torture. I am not alone. Thousands across the country have reported cases strikingly similar to mine. Furthermore, as the following report will reveal, the system of attack they use is intentionally designed to mimic the symptoms of mental illness, making these cases extraordinarily difficult to prove. As a result they are often ignored outright by law enforcement.

As you research this crime you will find numerous blogs, websites, and YouTube videos devoted to what I have come to understand is called “gang stalking” or “organized stalking.” Many victims believe, however, that a number of these sites are intentionally ridiculous sounding in order to weaken true victim’s claims. Regardless of the false reports, the case you are about to read is absolutely true. I am forty five years old, with no history of any mental disease whatsoever. Furthermore, I have been interviewed about this by my father, J.W.D., Ph.D. [Full name withheld], who is a psychologist with over 40 years of experience in clinical work and research. While admittedly not unbiased, it is worth noting that he found me to be of sound mind with no symptoms of delusional thinking. I welcome further psychological evaluations and am willing to take a polygraph test by neutral examiners.

As for who is behind these attacks, many victims are blaming the federal government, cults, or mega corporations attempting to protect their bottom line. While I have tried to keep this report focused on factual incidents rather than speculation and perceptual interpretations, one thing is sure—these people are professionals. They know exactly how to cause severe psychological distress and get away with it. If you’ve never heard of it, here is a brief overview of organized stalking:

  • The process begins when a group of trained professionals (core group) begins circulating vicious, false rumors about the “targeted individual” or “TI,” such as claiming they are a criminal (child molester, rapist, terrorist, etc). Alternatively, in some cases they may just imply that the person is rude, paranoid, or simply pretend to be playing a practical joke. In any case, the core group uses lies in order to recruit ordinary citizens into participating in the harassment and to discredit any complaints the target may file, as well as isolate him or her from friends and family.
  • Those exposed to the smear campaign and recruited into participating are manipulated into not divulging any details of what is being spread behind the target’s back, so the victim has no opportunity to defend his or her reputation. They are thus tried, convicted and sentenced by the community with no form of due process.
  • The goal seems to be to assault the target on ALL levels of his or her life—personal, professional, online, psychological, physical, legal, financial, and so on—making them appear paranoid or mentally ill while leaving them with little or no grounds for legal recourse. It has been reported that in some cases gag orders citing national security are used to silence potential witnesses, suggesting government involvement.
  • The target is monitored around the clock and audio and video recordings are carefully edited and circulated among participants in order to justify the ongoing attacks. This monitoring is also used to break into the target’s home repeatedly, and to harass them via “noise campaigns,” “street theater,” and other forms of harassment wherever they go.
  • Many victims also complain about what is being called “electronic harassment,” which is the use of directed energy weapons (such as microwaves and lasers). This may sound like science fiction, but numerous weapons’ experts around the globe have testified that these weapons are real. More disturbing, ex-military personnel have started coming forward stating that the U.S. Government, along with other world governments, are using gang stalking as a way to discredit people in order to test these weapons on them and engage in other forms of illegal human experimentation. If this is true, and there is now substantial evidence that it is, this scandal may be the most serious breach of public trust ever committed by the Federal Government. Near the end of my report detailing my personal experience as a targeted individual, which I have titled “My Story…”, I add my own thoughts regarding this terrifying possibility under the heading “Summary and Motives.” Please be sure to read this section. These weapons are said to potentially cause a significant array of serious symptoms, including leukemia,  lymphoma, and other cancers; microwave and laser burns; paranoia, mental confusion, and active hallucinations; exhaustion and severe sleep disruption; depression, acute anxiety, and aggression; dizziness and lack of coordination, and others. And, in focused assaults, they can reportedly reduce the human body to ash.

I realize the post below chronicling this abuse is long, but I have come to believe that its length and detail are necessary in order to fully communicate the extent and seriousness of these crimes, which go far beyond the little which is outlined here. Please do not dismiss it lightly! Another challenge I have encountered is getting the report into the hands of those who can help. I have had at least three certified copies “vanish” mid-transit, which were mailed via the United States Postal Service to the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and an investigative reporter with CBS. Emailed copies to several important contacts have also similarly disappeared before being received. I have no way of determining how many copies have been intercepted. Clearly these people do not want the report reaching the media–or you.

Organized stalking may be one of the most frightening and little known forms of terrorism taking place in the world today, and it is being perpetrated against American citizens right here on sovereign U.S. soil.

Please help!

T.B. Justice


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