Free Educational Flyer Download for Victims of Organized Stalking and Concerned Citizens

Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from victim’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow victims of this crime to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. federal government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. This may be the only way to expose these crimes and put an end to them. Lawsuits are not only about money; they are about creating public awareness and exposing the truth. Please contact me at or with your stories. Thank you! T.B. Justice

Dear Friends,

If you have been the victim of organized stalking, you know how difficult it can be to explain to other people who have never experienced it. Indeed, it is one of the most bizarre and brutal crimes ever committed against the public. I want to help. Below you will find a pdf document containing an educational flyer that helps people to understand what this crime is and how it is being perpetrated. It is designed not only to educate, but also to discourage community members from participating and to report the perpetrators. I have found it to be a useful tool in my own day-to-day struggles. I encourage you to print a stack and distribute them throughout your community. You can add your contact information at the very end if you like, in order to give people a way of communicating with you and sending you evidence. Just be sure to select the “duplex” printing option in your printer setup page in order to print both sides of the flyer onto one page. Colored paper also helps to grab people’s attention. Hand it out to friends, family, your neighbors, utility companies, your internet provider, cell phone company, restaurants, and any place you have had to deal with harassment in the past.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed. Simply tell people you are educating the public regarding a very serious crime that has been committed against you, as well as thousands of innocent American citizens in communities all across the country. You no longer have to explain anything. Let me, and the internet links provided, do the work for you. Be brave and be bold, and remember: if we don’t work together to stop this madness it may never end. Furthermore, there is nothing corrupt government officials fear more than public exposure. When you first begin educating your community you may find that the abuse from these people temporarily increases, but don’t back down! Give it some time and you will discover that this system helps to alleviate the active stalking like a magic charm. Let’s all work together to educate America! Here’s that flyer…




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