Navy Yard Shooter Reported Being a Target of Organized Stalking

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with this crime, you may wish to scroll down and read the “Introduction to Gang Stalking” and “My Story…” first.

On September 16, 2013 at 8:20 am Eastern Standard Time, an individual named Aaron Alexis entered the Washington Navy Yard in South East Washington DC with a loaded sawed-off shotgun. He then proceeded to murder twelve people and wound several others in one of America’s deadliest mass shootings. The rampage lasted over an hour before he was gunned down by responding law enforcement.

Following the shooting an investigation was launched, and the FBI soon announced that Mr. Alexis had been suffering from “delusions.” It seems that on August 2 he had filed a police report in Rhode Island claiming to be the victim of organized stalking and harassment. He also stated that he was “hearing voices,” and believed that he was being assaulted with what he called “ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic waves.”

On August 23 Aaron Alexis visited the emergency room at the VA hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. He complained of severe insomnia and was prescribed medications to help him sleep. Five days later, on August 28, he showed up at another ER in Washington DC, again suffering from insomnia.

I recently spoke with Derrick R., the founder and director of the website, which is dedicated to supporting victims of organized stalking and covert “electronic harassment,” over the phone during a conference call. During the conversation Derrick revealed that Mr. Alexis had also contacted him several weeks prior to the shooting, seeking help for the attacks he claimed were being perpetrated against him. Derrick has worked with thousands of victims of these complicated crimes, and he said that he believed Mr. Alexis was an authentic victim of organized stalking—which is a crime that not only mimics psychosis, it may very well cause it.

It must be noted for the official records that the symptoms that Aaron Alexis reported are also commonly reported by many, if not most, victims of organized stalking, including daily, organized harassment by numerous people, illegal entry into homes, eavesdropping and electronic wiretapping, debilitating insomnia, and even what is called “voice to skull” transmissions, which is when victims—with no history of mental illness—suddenly begin claiming they are hearing voices. Some victims believe that somehow the people behind these crimes have learned to transmit sounds or thoughts into a person’s mind. It is hard to say what the truth is without insider testimony, but there may be a simpler explanation for this phenomenon…

In an interview released on Youtube, former Royal Navy microwave specialist Barry Trowler testified about governmental abuse and development of microwave weaponry. According to him, and many other experts, these weapons are real. In fact they have been in existence since the 1970s or earlier. Furthermore, he stated during this interview in no uncertain terms that they were being employed against unaware citizens around the world. While they are invisible, they can cause many severe physical and cognitive symptoms, including debilitating insomnia, aggression, and “auditory hallucinations,” to name just a few. You can view Mr. Trowler’s description of these weapons’ capabilities and some of the abuses he asserts have been committed here: Trowler Interview

On a side note, I am reminded of another prominent case of insomnia: that of Michael Jackson. In fact his insomnia was so bad he hired a private doctor to dose him with potent anesthetics normally used exclusively during surgery–a decision that ultimately resulted in his death. He was also accused of being a child molester and adamantly argued that he was innocent. I have to admit, I always assumed he was guilty, but now I am not so sure. Another typical gang-stalking harassment tactic involves making false accusations against the target and filing bogus law suits.

In my experience, I cannot say with certainty whether or not these weapons are being employed against me, or anyone else. What I can say as an absolute fact is that the organized stalking, harassment by multiple people, breaking and entering, felony eavesdropping, and other miscellaneous crimes being reported by thousands of people in communities all around the United States, and in fact across the world, are absolutely true. My family and I have dealt with this twisted abuse for nearly two and a half years as of this writing. I can also tell you that, while I have never experienced the voice-to-skull assaults which so many other targeted individuals report, I have experienced the insomnia. It is a type of insomnia that is truly devastating. I have heard it referred to as “virtual insomnia,” but there is nothing virtual about it. It is a condition that causes a person to become unable to remain asleep for more than a few minutes at a stretch, no matter how exhausted he or she becomes. During episodes, the victim may fall asleep briefly when they become thoroughly exhausted, but will inevitably wake up in only a few short minutes to find themselves fully awake and alert. This can go on night after night, and in some cases for months. After dealing with this just a few nights in a row recently, I was left in a mental stupor that crippled my ability to function. I can imagine how longer periods of this type of insomnia could certainly cause hallucinations and paranoia even without the added, purported exposure to a microwave assaults.

It is time for citizens around the world to wake up to these crimes. The crime of organized stalking has been intentionally designed to be virtually impossible to report without sounding mentally unstable. Yet it is true. Furthermore, reflecting on the case of Aaron Alexis and the Navy Yard shooting, I am drawn to speculate about the many other mass shootings America has been plagued with in recent decades. How many of these tragedies have been triggered by this covert abuse? It is an intriguing question, not to mention a disturbing one. Of course you may well ask, if this is true then why aren’t other “shooters” making the same claim that Mr. Alexis did? The answer is, many have complained about behind harassed and bullied, including the perpetrators behind the shootings at Ford Hood, Texas, the Virginia Tech massacre, and the infamous tragedy at Columbine.  The fact that few of them have identified the harassment as “organized” is hardly surprising. Most victims of organized stalking believe they are merely being attacked by people who do not like them. They don’t realize they have been targeted by a sophisticated, organized system of psychological warfare. It took me nearly two years to discover the truth behind the crimes being perpetrated against me.

Just a few more questions to pose, Dear Reader, before I sign off on this subject: If directed energy weapons are real, as so many weapon’s experts claim, and you were a government seeking to discover how best to use these weapons, how would you test them? How would you determine what their long term effects on the human body were? How would you discover how best to employ them to control the human mind and behavior? Such research, performed on human subjects, would be highly illegal, not to mention immoral. How then, would you proceed?

With hope,

T.B. Justice

July 30, 2014


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