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Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from victim’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow targets to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. federal government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. This may be the only way to expose these crimes and put an end to them. Lawsuits are not only about money; they are about creating public awareness and exposing the truth. Please contact me at emsecured@hushmail.com with your stories, and make sure you hear back from me! Thank you! T.B. Justice

About Me and this Blog

I am a from Central Oregon. I’ve been dealing with a crime known as organized stalking, which is commonly called gang stalking, for over two years as of this writing. The story that I am sharing may be hard for some to believe, but it is absolutely true. It is also true that it appears the United States government has been involved in my case as well as many others. I didn’t want to believe this, and I have spent many months denying it. I’ve always trusted our government, call me naive. Now I realize how wrong I was. There is simply no way to explain these crimes apart from government involvement, and many other victims of organized stalking have reached the same conclusion.

The intent of this blog is to help educate my fellow citizens regarding what is going on behind our backs. All across the country Americans in virtually every community are being assaulted by highly trained groups of professionals using a system of attack that is designed to make them look paranoid or delusional, and which causes severe emotional damage. Many victims believe the purpose of these attacks serves multiple functions: 1. Psychological assault in order to increase paranoia in the victim. 2.  To make the victim look mentally ill in order to discredit them when they file police reports (this is usually coupled with a classic smear campaign during which the victim’s reputation takes a fierce beating throughout his or her community, thus amplifying this effect). 3. Isolate the victim from friends and family, weakening their support network.

There are mixed opinions as to what the ultimate goal is behind this abuse. Some people believe it is being used as a way to punish whistle blowers, activists, those the government or large corporations view as a threat, or in some cases people who have been put on lists simply because citizen informants do not personally like them. Some victims appear to be totally random, however. While the cause cannot always be determined, the results are brutal: Many targets commit suicide, others become homeless, and some do in fact develop severe mental disorders as a direct result of the attacks.

In recent years other, more frightening allegations have begun to surface, which every citizen in our country needs to be aware of. Based in part on victims’ reports along with the testimony from ex-government personnel, numerous targets are now accusing federal entities such as the NSA and CIA of engaging in illegal human experimentation of “directed energy” weapons (such as lasers and microwave weaponry), mind control techniques, and psychological torture. As bizarre as this sounds, it is not science fiction. Weapons’ experts across the globe have stated that these weapons are real and they are being used in illegal tests to determine their long term affects on the human body and consciousness. For more on this terrifying crime, please view my list of must-see Youtube videos and websites.

If this is true, today is indeed a sad day for America. It means that large, powerful sections of our government have been taken over by packs of creeps, petty bullies, and felons who are now engaging in active, covert terrorism against United States citizens, right here on sovereign American soil. Too many victims have complained about this abuse for it to be dismissed. Congress must be compelled to aggressively investigate these allegations. May the will of the people recognize this threat and rise up to meet the mighty challenge of holding our government–and ALL parties involved on an individual level–responsible for these crimes against humanity.

With hope,

T.B. Justice

Bend, Oregon



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