Former FBI Chief Reveals Unconstitutional Covert Programs Run by the U.S. “Shadow Government”

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I recently received the following news story from an anonymous source, which reveals former FBI chief Ted Gunderson’s revelations regarding a “shadow government” that he claims is illegally operating within the ranks of the United States government, and which extends to all levels of the country’s governing bodies, including the major intelligence agencies, the White House, local and state law enforcement, judicial system, district attorney offices, the Attorney General, many private sectors, and beyond…. Gunderson talks about being targeted by this shadow government, “gang stalked”, harassed, and he reveals several attempts to assassinate him after he began publicly speaking out about the corrupted, dark side of the US federal system. (On a side note, Mr. Gunderson later died from cancer several years ago, leading some to speculate about the possibility that he was also targeted with microwave weaponry calibrated to cause cancer.) You can find numerous Youtube videos by Gunderson online.

Also of interest is testimony by former CIA agent “Chip” Tatum, who left the CIA after becoming alienated by what he described as the “criminal” nature of his former employer and the federal system in general. In several video taped interviews, Tatum claims that he discovered that the CIA was secretly exchanging guns and other weapons for drugs such as cocaine in order to sell those drugs for an extreme profit, and thus support various illegal programs being run by the intelligence agency. You can find Tatum’s testimony regarding this and other insider knowledge on Youtube.

After releasing his testimony to the public, Tatum later went “missing.” His badly beaten body eventually washed up on a beach in Panama.

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T.B. Justice

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Official confirms what thousands of victims have long known: an evil U.S. shadow government is conducting a covert, taxpayer-funded genocidal purge of American society — while Congress and an apparently entrained Obama administration sleep.

Author’s note: Former FBI official Ted Gunderson died of cancer on July 31, 2011. Was his illness induced by silent electromagnetic assault or by other nefarious means? We will never know — and that’s just the way certain entities want it.

A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says “rogue” military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based “gang stalking” harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or undesirables.

Ted Gunderson, 82, who has served as the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles, Memphis and Dallas field offices, has stated in a series of public speaking appearances that he is now targeted by these same elements, and fears for his life and for the safety of his family. He reports that the windows of his home have been shot out, and he believes he has been poisoned and physically sickened by those seeking to silence him.

Since his retirement from the FBI in the 1979, Gunderson has been a Southern California- based private investigator. He is most noted for his defense work on the murder case involving former Army physician Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

The ex-FBI official’s comments represent the most compelling testimony to date indicating that “black operations” of the federal government are dedicated to waging a covert war of terror and persecution targeting American citizens.

“Based on my thirty years’ experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise — military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth — that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States,” Gunderson stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.

NOTE: It appears that the link to the Ted Gunderson YouTube video has been sabotaged. Please search “Ted Gunderson” and “YouTube” and look for the link to his speech at the Gulf Symposium. I believe this is more blatantly illegal and malicious interference with telecommunications by operatives of Lockheed Martin, under contract to U.S. Homeland-mil-intel, or another entity representing the agencies, commands and corporations of the U.S. fusion center network.

“It is far too extensive to be controlled by private enterprise,” Gunderson said. “I believe this well organized and sophisticated operation has a central command located somewhere in the United States, with multiple satellite offices scattered throughout the country.”

Said Gunderson:

“It appears those who administer the program can call any location in the United States for surveillance, a telephone tap, or… harassment directed at a victim, and immediately dispense manpower to the source… This well-greased, covert operation makes the old FBI counterintelligence program (code-named “Cointelpro”) look like a Sunday school class.”

Gunderson also maintains that federal security and law enforcement agencies and commands have been infiltrated by members of secret societies such as the Illuminati, which he has described as a satanic criminal cult.

This correspondent has reported that Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor and the prime cyber-security and information technology supplier to the federal government, coordinates the communications and trains the “team leaders” of a nationwide Gestapo-like apparatus, which has tentacles into every security and law enforcement agency in the nation, including state and local police and 72 regional “fusion centers” administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. According to company literature, Lockheed Martin has operations in 46 of the 50 states.

Lockheed Martin also has operational command and control over a U.S. government microwave radio frequency weapon system, deployed on cell tower masts throughout the U.S., that is being used to silently torture, impair, subjugate and electronically incarcerate so-called “targeted individuals.” The nexus of this American “torture matrix” appears to be Lockheed Martin’s Mission and Combat Support Solutions central command center in Norristown, Montgomery County, PA., which employs several thousand workers. The defense contractor’s global headquarters is in Bethesda, MD, just outside the nation’s capital.

Lockheed Martin, under contract to U.S. security and intelligence agencies and commands, also conducts warrantless surveillance of the telecommunications of targeted persons, and routinely censors and tampers with the content of their communications, as this reporter has documented in a series of recent articles:

Thousands of Americans, including this veteran journalist, have publicly reported being the victims of silent electromagnetic assault and community-based home intrusions, vandalism, and even the poisoning of food, water and air. Federal and local law enforcement routinely dismiss their reports as the product of delusions or mental illness, and refuse to investigate their complaints.

These “targets” and their families have been physically harmed and financially destroyed as a result of taxpayer-funded “psychological operations,” police-protected community “stalking” harassment and malicious vandalism, and other covert programs of personal destruction, including government-assisted financial sabotage. Many appear to have been targeted as a result of their politics; their activism or corporate whistle-blowing activities; their ethnic background; or as a result of score-settling vendettas by persons in positions of power — in government and in the private sector.

The former FBI executive’s remarks are only now attracting widespread exposure on this and other web sites. This correspondent believes that recent revelations of government-sponsored domestic terrorism against U.S. citizens have prompted some conscientious insiders to call attention to Gunderson’s public statements.

Gunderson has said that government-sponsored gang stalking terrorism is financed “through illegal black operations,” such as sales of illegal drug; gambling; prostitution; and even sexual exploitation of children. But this reporter believes it is more likely that programs of government-sponsored domestic terrorism are funded from military and security “black ops” budgets that have been illegally diverted to covert domestic programs administered and conducted primarily by defense contractors.

Late last year, The New York Times disclosed that an official of the U.S. Air Force had set up an unauthorized military intelligence spy ring in Pakistan and Afghanistan, run by Lockheed Martin and funded by defense appropriations.

This correspondent suspects that a similar arrangement could be funding government-sponsored “gang stalking” operations throughout the nation, and has urged Congress to immediately hold public hearings as part of a comprehensive investigation of military-style “black ops” targeting American citizens and their families — a silent, slow-kill genocide motivated by ideology and hate.


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Directed Energy Weapons—The US Federal Government’s Most Dangerous Secret

There is a reason you’ve probably never heard of directed energy weapons before, which are among the most dangerous weapons ever created, and the reason is this: The United States federal government doesn’t want you to know about them. Or, more accurately, they would prefer you receive only tightly controlled tidbits of data, or what amounts to the PG version of a pornographic, XXX rated operation—information they intentionally dish out, manipulate, and shape as suits their own needs and designs. As it turns out, these weapons are not only dangerous, they are most useful when deployed covertly against an unsuspecting populace who do not even realize they exist. 

Perhaps the term “directed energy weapon,” or DEW, sounds like science fiction to you, but the fact is these weapons have been in development since the early 1950s, and are based on relatively simple science. Despite their rudimentary foundation and humble beginnings, DEWs have come a long way since pioneering scientists first began tinkering with them, which, by coincidence, was right about the same time the CIA started its MKUltra mind-control program using chemicals like LSD. Eventually, In 1970s when this program was discovered, a national scandal erupted and Congress ordered the CIA to stop its illegal human experimentation, but here’s the rub: they never did! They merely changed the name from MKUltra to MONARCH, and shifted their focus from chemicals to energy weapons, which proved to be vastly more effective at achieving their goals anyway.

DEWs use invisible, highly focused energy to assault, or otherwise influence, the human body, mind, and electronic equipment. Imagine removing the door from your microwave oven, boosting its power, and adding a calibrating switch which allowed you to alter the wave length of the ensuing microwave stream in order to produce different damage and effects; then imagine affixing this weapon with a sophisticated targeting system that gave you the ability to hit a target with pinpoint accuracy from miles away. These weapons are silent and undetectable without specialized equipment, and they easily pass through walls, windows, and other common structures. When delivered in concentrated bursts they are capable of downing missiles and aircraft midflight, and they can reduce the human body to ash in a matter of minutes.

Yet this is hardly what makes them so potentially dangerous, and irresistible, to governments around the world: what really got the military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities hot and bothered was the affect DEWs have on the human mind. In fact, relatively early on in the development of these weapons in the 1970s, Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University—whose work was funded by the NSA and United States Navy—discovered something remarkable about microwaves: delivered at just the right frequency, they can be used to access the most complex and personal parts of the human mind in a way drugs and torture had never managed to accomplish. He also quickly realized that the mind could be directly influenced and, in fact, shaped by DEWs.

It is just this potential that prompted another major researcher named Dr. Jose Delgado to call DEWs “more dangerous than atomic destruction,” and to go on to elaborate, “With knowledge of the brain we may transform, we may shape, direct and roboticize man. I think the great danger of the future is that we will have robotocized human beings who are not aware they have been robotocized.”

 Consider the following facts, which are easily verifiable through numerous published studies and testimony from scientists and intelligence/military personnel:

  • DEWs can produce, on demand, intense emotional states, arousing feelings like acute anxiety, panic, rage, and debilitating depression, literally at the touch of a button.
  • They can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and can even mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia, essentially creating a state of virtual insanity in targets.
  • In 1958 Dr. Allen Frey, a research scientist working for GE Cornell, discovered that microwaves could be used to insert spoken words and sounds directly into a person’s mind. He called this “microwave hearing,” also known as the “microwave auditory effect,” or more commonly, “voice-to-skull.”
  • Frey also learned to sync microwave pulses with the cardio rhythm of frogs’ hearts, which caused them to stop beating—producing instant death from induced heart failure.
  • DEWs can be applied to cause severe insomnia, which makes it impossible for the victim to remain asleep for more than a few minutes at a time, even when they become exhausted. When applied for long periods of time, this form of sleep deprivation can create dangerous emotional imbalances, exhaustion, confusion, and hallucinations.
  • Directed energy weapons can be calibrated to cause cell mutations, which over time leads to the development of leukemia, lymphoma, and other forms of cancer. Because they are undetectable without specialized equipment, DEWs are, in effect, silent killers. In fact many, if not most, targets may never realize they are being attacked. The terms “soft kill” and “silent kill” are often used to describe the process of covertly murdering a victim slowly, silently, using DEWs.
  • According to Barry Trower—an ex-Royal Navy microwave specialist who now publicly speaks out about the dangers of DEWs and the covert, government-sponsored research being conducted on an uninformed public—these weapons can be deployed by handheld devices or via larger, more powerful systems attached to motor vehicles, aircraft, and satellites.
  • Microwaves are also naturally very close in wavelength and power requirements to television and radio signals, and can easily be piggybacked on public broadcasts, and thus disseminated across large swaths of a targeted population.

Most frightening of all is that—based on victim accounts along with their unexplained physical and cognitive symptoms, coupled with the testimony of ex-military personnel who have started to step forward—thousands of innocent people, from all around the world (including me!), have started accusing the US federal government, along with several other major world governments, of engaging in the illegal human experimentation of these weapons in attempt to determine their long-term effects on the human body and consciousness, and in some cases to eliminate perceived enemies of the state. The United States federal government is also being accused of initiating false investigations and engaging in active, organized stalking and harassment of test subjects in order to intimidate, isolate, and discredit victims. In fact, the CIA’s National Clandestine Service reportedly lists this system of psychological warfare in their training manual as, “in-community, no-touch torture,” and they actively recruit members from communities around the world to participate in this program which is fully illegal under international law (as are ALL forms of torture).

As of this writing, so many people have now complained about these attacks that the complaints cannot be dismissed, although the FBI, local police departments, and US Department of Justice have consistently persisted in doing so—yet another sign of government involvement.

Youtube Videos: 

  • US Navy Shoots down plane with DEW: Official Navy Video
  • Former Royal Navy Agent microwave specialist reveals the truth, danger, and government abuses of DEWs in an interview with ICAACT, a humanitarian organization dedicated to awakening the public to the worldwide rampant illegal experimentation and microchip implantation that is allegedly being perpetrated by the US, Australian, Canadian, and British governments: Reality Update: Trower
  • David Martin of 60 Minutes gets zapped by a “ray gun,” one of the military’s “PG rated” versions of a DEW: Ray Gun

For more information about these crimes against humanity, helpful search engine key words are, “electronic harassment,” “directed energy weapons,” “organized stalking,” “covert war,” “in-community, no-touch torture,” and “gang stalking.” Just be aware that many video and websites on the web are fake, either sounding too extreme or ridiculous in order to discredit true victims and conceal the truth.  

Symptoms of directed energy weapon attacks are:   

  • Medically unexplained dizziness and vertigo
  • Panic attics, severe mood swings, paranoia, and acute aggression
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tingling and numbness of the skin, especially the arms, hands, and face
  • Severe insomnia
  • Hallucinations, especially auditory
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Hot flashes, or focused hot spots on the body that come and go
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sharp shooting pains, like electric shocks
  • Metallic, bitter, or chemical taste in the mouth
  • Severe itching and tenderness of the flesh immediately beneath the skin

Please protect yourself and your family by educating yourself and sharing this blog post.

 With hope,

 T.B. Justice

August 23, 2014

Bend, Oregon

My Letter to Congress

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Re: Organized Stalking and Directed Energy Weapons Testing

Date: August 6, 2014

Distinguished Members of Congress:

What I am about to share is a true story. I am an American author living in Central Oregon. For the past two years I have been under attack by a mostly unidentified group of assailants. At first I thought this was a personal vendetta, however as these attacks progressed month after month, growing in intensity and complexity, I began to realize that I was dealing with something far more organized, sophisticated, and sinister. I began doing some research and what I found was disturbing: There is a form of terrorism being perpetrated in which innocent citizens are being targeted and harassed by multiple people to the point of psychological torture. I am not alone. Thousands across the country have reported cases strikingly similar to mine. This crime is being called organized stalking, but it goes far beyond mere stalking. These people have harassed me in every conceivable way—online, at work, by text, e-mail, phone calls, at home, and in public. Furthermore, due to the nature of the crimes, they are extremely difficult to prove. However, if you take the time to read my detailed report, which may be viewed at,   you will see that I have witnesses, photographs, and other powerful circumstantial evidence. Organized stalking is absolutely real. Furthermore, official government documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act suggest that the CIA is engaged in a domestic torture program targeting American citizens, referred to as “in-community no-touch torture.” I know I do not need to point this out, but I will anyway for the record: torture, in ALL forms—whether physical or psychological—is a serious violation of international, federal, and state laws.

Here are a few more interesting facts about my case:

  • These people have hacked into my phone and laptop, and installed covert spyware on both which I have been unable to remove through any standard methods, such as factory resets.
  • They have used their capacity to spy on me to break into my home on countless occasions while my fiancée and I are not at home, as well as to harass and intimidate me everywhere I go.
  • They have intercepted and deleted emailed copies of my story to key contacts in the media, as well as documents regarding these crimes sent via certified mail through the United States Postal Service to the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and a reporter with CBS.
  • They have repeatedly disrupted our internet service in order to sabotage my efforts to expose these crimes.
  • The United States Census Bureau has showed up at our doorstep on six separate occasions claiming we had been selected for a “consumer survey.” They wanted to know how many people lived in our home and if we had any dogs or “other pets.” On the last visit when I attempted to get the person’s name, he covered his ID with his hand. When I asked my fiancée to bring me a pen, he yanked his badge away, stuck his other hand in his jacket pocket, and pretended to brandish a weapon. My fiancée walked up just in time to witness this bizarre behavior, at which point he rushed down our driveway and sped away in his car. This was an obvious intimidation tactic.

Many victims of organized stalking also complain about what is being called “electronic harassment,” which is the use of directed energy weapons such as microwaves and lasers. This may sound like science fiction, but numerous weapons’ experts around the globe have testified that these weapons are real. More disturbing, ex-military personnel have started coming forward stating that the U.S. federal government is using organized stalking as a way to discredit people in order to test these weapons on them and engage in other forms of illegal human experimentation. If this is true, this may be the most serious breach of public trust ever committed. These weapons are said to cause an array of physical and cognitive symptoms, including lymphoma, leukemia, paranoia, active hallucinations, acute aggression, debilitating insomnia, and more.  

Organized stalking and electronic harassment may be the most frightening and little known forms of terrorism taking place in the world today, and they are being perpetrated against American citizens right here on sovereign U.S. soil. Distinguished members of Congress, I urge you to aggressively investigate these crimes against humanity!

With hope and gratitude,

 T.B. Justice

August 6, 2014

Bend, Oregon

Navy Yard Shooter Reported Being a Target of Organized Stalking

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with this crime, you may wish to scroll down and read the “Introduction to Gang Stalking” and “My Story…” first.

On September 16, 2013 at 8:20 am Eastern Standard Time, an individual named Aaron Alexis entered the Washington Navy Yard in South East Washington DC with a loaded sawed-off shotgun. He then proceeded to murder twelve people and wound several others in one of America’s deadliest mass shootings. The rampage lasted over an hour before he was gunned down by responding law enforcement.

Following the shooting an investigation was launched, and the FBI soon announced that Mr. Alexis had been suffering from “delusions.” It seems that on August 2 he had filed a police report in Rhode Island claiming to be the victim of organized stalking and harassment. He also stated that he was “hearing voices,” and believed that he was being assaulted with what he called “ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic waves.”

On August 23 Aaron Alexis visited the emergency room at the VA hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. He complained of severe insomnia and was prescribed medications to help him sleep. Five days later, on August 28, he showed up at another ER in Washington DC, again suffering from insomnia.

I recently spoke with Derrick R., the founder and director of the website, which is dedicated to supporting victims of organized stalking and covert “electronic harassment,” over the phone during a conference call. During the conversation Derrick revealed that Mr. Alexis had also contacted him several weeks prior to the shooting, seeking help for the attacks he claimed were being perpetrated against him. Derrick has worked with thousands of victims of these complicated crimes, and he said that he believed Mr. Alexis was an authentic victim of organized stalking—which is a crime that not only mimics psychosis, it may very well cause it.

It must be noted for the official records that the symptoms that Aaron Alexis reported are also commonly reported by many, if not most, victims of organized stalking, including daily, organized harassment by numerous people, illegal entry into homes, eavesdropping and electronic wiretapping, debilitating insomnia, and even what is called “voice to skull” transmissions, which is when victims—with no history of mental illness—suddenly begin claiming they are hearing voices. Some victims believe that somehow the people behind these crimes have learned to transmit sounds or thoughts into a person’s mind. It is hard to say what the truth is without insider testimony, but there may be a simpler explanation for this phenomenon…

In an interview released on Youtube, former Royal Navy microwave specialist Barry Trowler testified about governmental abuse and development of microwave weaponry. According to him, and many other experts, these weapons are real. In fact they have been in existence since the 1970s or earlier. Furthermore, he stated during this interview in no uncertain terms that they were being employed against unaware citizens around the world. While they are invisible, they can cause many severe physical and cognitive symptoms, including debilitating insomnia, aggression, and “auditory hallucinations,” to name just a few. You can view Mr. Trowler’s description of these weapons’ capabilities and some of the abuses he asserts have been committed here: Trowler Interview

On a side note, I am reminded of another prominent case of insomnia: that of Michael Jackson. In fact his insomnia was so bad he hired a private doctor to dose him with potent anesthetics normally used exclusively during surgery–a decision that ultimately resulted in his death. He was also accused of being a child molester and adamantly argued that he was innocent. I have to admit, I always assumed he was guilty, but now I am not so sure. Another typical gang-stalking harassment tactic involves making false accusations against the target and filing bogus law suits.

In my experience, I cannot say with certainty whether or not these weapons are being employed against me, or anyone else. What I can say as an absolute fact is that the organized stalking, harassment by multiple people, breaking and entering, felony eavesdropping, and other miscellaneous crimes being reported by thousands of people in communities all around the United States, and in fact across the world, are absolutely true. My family and I have dealt with this twisted abuse for nearly two and a half years as of this writing. I can also tell you that, while I have never experienced the voice-to-skull assaults which so many other targeted individuals report, I have experienced the insomnia. It is a type of insomnia that is truly devastating. I have heard it referred to as “virtual insomnia,” but there is nothing virtual about it. It is a condition that causes a person to become unable to remain asleep for more than a few minutes at a stretch, no matter how exhausted he or she becomes. During episodes, the victim may fall asleep briefly when they become thoroughly exhausted, but will inevitably wake up in only a few short minutes to find themselves fully awake and alert. This can go on night after night, and in some cases for months. After dealing with this just a few nights in a row recently, I was left in a mental stupor that crippled my ability to function. I can imagine how longer periods of this type of insomnia could certainly cause hallucinations and paranoia even without the added, purported exposure to a microwave assaults.

It is time for citizens around the world to wake up to these crimes. The crime of organized stalking has been intentionally designed to be virtually impossible to report without sounding mentally unstable. Yet it is true. Furthermore, reflecting on the case of Aaron Alexis and the Navy Yard shooting, I am drawn to speculate about the many other mass shootings America has been plagued with in recent decades. How many of these tragedies have been triggered by this covert abuse? It is an intriguing question, not to mention a disturbing one. Of course you may well ask, if this is true then why aren’t other “shooters” making the same claim that Mr. Alexis did? The answer is, many have complained about behind harassed and bullied, including the perpetrators behind the shootings at Ford Hood, Texas, the Virginia Tech massacre, and the infamous tragedy at Columbine.  The fact that few of them have identified the harassment as “organized” is hardly surprising. Most victims of organized stalking believe they are merely being attacked by people who do not like them. They don’t realize they have been targeted by a sophisticated, organized system of psychological warfare. It took me nearly two years to discover the truth behind the crimes being perpetrated against me.

Just a few more questions to pose, Dear Reader, before I sign off on this subject: If directed energy weapons are real, as so many weapon’s experts claim, and you were a government seeking to discover how best to use these weapons, how would you test them? How would you determine what their long term effects on the human body were? How would you discover how best to employ them to control the human mind and behavior? Such research, performed on human subjects, would be highly illegal, not to mention immoral. How then, would you proceed?

With hope,

T.B. Justice

July 30, 2014

Free Educational Flyer Download for Victims of Organized Stalking and Concerned Citizens

Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from victim’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow victims of this crime to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. federal government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. This may be the only way to expose these crimes and put an end to them. Lawsuits are not only about money; they are about creating public awareness and exposing the truth. Please contact me at or with your stories. Thank you! T.B. Justice

Dear Friends,

If you have been the victim of organized stalking, you know how difficult it can be to explain to other people who have never experienced it. Indeed, it is one of the most bizarre and brutal crimes ever committed against the public. I want to help. Below you will find a pdf document containing an educational flyer that helps people to understand what this crime is and how it is being perpetrated. It is designed not only to educate, but also to discourage community members from participating and to report the perpetrators. I have found it to be a useful tool in my own day-to-day struggles. I encourage you to print a stack and distribute them throughout your community. You can add your contact information at the very end if you like, in order to give people a way of communicating with you and sending you evidence. Just be sure to select the “duplex” printing option in your printer setup page in order to print both sides of the flyer onto one page. Colored paper also helps to grab people’s attention. Hand it out to friends, family, your neighbors, utility companies, your internet provider, cell phone company, restaurants, and any place you have had to deal with harassment in the past.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed. Simply tell people you are educating the public regarding a very serious crime that has been committed against you, as well as thousands of innocent American citizens in communities all across the country. You no longer have to explain anything. Let me, and the internet links provided, do the work for you. Be brave and be bold, and remember: if we don’t work together to stop this madness it may never end. Furthermore, there is nothing corrupt government officials fear more than public exposure. When you first begin educating your community you may find that the abuse from these people temporarily increases, but don’t back down! Give it some time and you will discover that this system helps to alleviate the active stalking like a magic charm. Let’s all work together to educate America! Here’s that flyer…



Introduction to Gang Stalking

Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from TI’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow victims of this crime to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. Please contact me at or Thank you! T.B. Justice

Dear Reader,

What you are about to read is a true story. I am an American author living in Central Oregon. For the past two years I have been under attack by a mostly unidentified group of assailants. At first I thought these were locals who did not like me or my work. I teach meditation and spiritual awakening classes, and I have two published books on meditation. As these attacks progressed month after month, then year after year, growing in intensity and complexity, I began to realize that I was dealing with something far more organized, sophisticated, and frightening.

Eventually I began doing some research and what I found was disturbing: There is a form of terrorism now taking place in which innocent citizens are being targeted and harassed by multiple people to the point of psychological torture. I am not alone. Thousands across the country have reported cases strikingly similar to mine. Furthermore, as the following report will reveal, the system of attack they use is intentionally designed to mimic the symptoms of mental illness, making these cases extraordinarily difficult to prove. As a result they are often ignored outright by law enforcement.

As you research this crime you will find numerous blogs, websites, and YouTube videos devoted to what I have come to understand is called “gang stalking” or “organized stalking.” Many victims believe, however, that a number of these sites are intentionally ridiculous sounding in order to weaken true victim’s claims. Regardless of the false reports, the case you are about to read is absolutely true. I am forty five years old, with no history of any mental disease whatsoever. Furthermore, I have been interviewed about this by my father, J.W.D., Ph.D. [Full name withheld], who is a psychologist with over 40 years of experience in clinical work and research. While admittedly not unbiased, it is worth noting that he found me to be of sound mind with no symptoms of delusional thinking. I welcome further psychological evaluations and am willing to take a polygraph test by neutral examiners.

As for who is behind these attacks, many victims are blaming the federal government, cults, or mega corporations attempting to protect their bottom line. While I have tried to keep this report focused on factual incidents rather than speculation and perceptual interpretations, one thing is sure—these people are professionals. They know exactly how to cause severe psychological distress and get away with it. If you’ve never heard of it, here is a brief overview of organized stalking:

  • The process begins when a group of trained professionals (core group) begins circulating vicious, false rumors about the “targeted individual” or “TI,” such as claiming they are a criminal (child molester, rapist, terrorist, etc). Alternatively, in some cases they may just imply that the person is rude, paranoid, or simply pretend to be playing a practical joke. In any case, the core group uses lies in order to recruit ordinary citizens into participating in the harassment and to discredit any complaints the target may file, as well as isolate him or her from friends and family.
  • Those exposed to the smear campaign and recruited into participating are manipulated into not divulging any details of what is being spread behind the target’s back, so the victim has no opportunity to defend his or her reputation. They are thus tried, convicted and sentenced by the community with no form of due process.
  • The goal seems to be to assault the target on ALL levels of his or her life—personal, professional, online, psychological, physical, legal, financial, and so on—making them appear paranoid or mentally ill while leaving them with little or no grounds for legal recourse. It has been reported that in some cases gag orders citing national security are used to silence potential witnesses, suggesting government involvement.
  • The target is monitored around the clock and audio and video recordings are carefully edited and circulated among participants in order to justify the ongoing attacks. This monitoring is also used to break into the target’s home repeatedly, and to harass them via “noise campaigns,” “street theater,” and other forms of harassment wherever they go.
  • Many victims also complain about what is being called “electronic harassment,” which is the use of directed energy weapons (such as microwaves and lasers). This may sound like science fiction, but numerous weapons’ experts around the globe have testified that these weapons are real. More disturbing, ex-military personnel have started coming forward stating that the U.S. Government, along with other world governments, are using gang stalking as a way to discredit people in order to test these weapons on them and engage in other forms of illegal human experimentation. If this is true, and there is now substantial evidence that it is, this scandal may be the most serious breach of public trust ever committed by the Federal Government. Near the end of my report detailing my personal experience as a targeted individual, which I have titled “My Story…”, I add my own thoughts regarding this terrifying possibility under the heading “Summary and Motives.” Please be sure to read this section. These weapons are said to potentially cause a significant array of serious symptoms, including leukemia,  lymphoma, and other cancers; microwave and laser burns; paranoia, mental confusion, and active hallucinations; exhaustion and severe sleep disruption; depression, acute anxiety, and aggression; dizziness and lack of coordination, and others. And, in focused assaults, they can reportedly reduce the human body to ash.

I realize the post below chronicling this abuse is long, but I have come to believe that its length and detail are necessary in order to fully communicate the extent and seriousness of these crimes, which go far beyond the little which is outlined here. Please do not dismiss it lightly! Another challenge I have encountered is getting the report into the hands of those who can help. I have had at least three certified copies “vanish” mid-transit, which were mailed via the United States Postal Service to the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and an investigative reporter with CBS. Emailed copies to several important contacts have also similarly disappeared before being received. I have no way of determining how many copies have been intercepted. Clearly these people do not want the report reaching the media–or you.

Organized stalking may be one of the most frightening and little known forms of terrorism taking place in the world today, and it is being perpetrated against American citizens right here on sovereign U.S. soil.

Please help!

T.B. Justice

Must See Gang Stalking Youtube Videos and Websites

YouTube Videos:

  1. This frightening video documents the U.S. federal government’s past and present mind control and targeted energy weapon’s testing programs, which is allegedly being perpetrated against United States citizens all across the country, today. The video provides detailed evidence, victim testimony, quotes from pioneering scientists who developed these weapons, and clear analysis of this crime against humanity. It is one of the most important documentaries ever produced. A few sections of the video repeat, but these are short. Be sure to watch the entire video. There is new material presented throughout, and the middle and end portions present the most stunning revelations of the government’s programs: CIA, MKUltra, the Phoenix Project, MONARCH, and HAARP
  2. This alarming, must-see YouTube Video presents an interview with Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy microwave specialist who speaks on microwave warfare and its covert use against people: Microwave Weapons
  3. This video is especially important for victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment, which details the techniques used by organized stalkers as outlined in the CIA’s training manuals on “in-community, no-touch torture.” Yes these people are being trained by the CIA!: Organized Stalkers Techniques
  4. This audio recording is a radio interview with a former U.S. Army officer who speaks on the use of, and connection between, gang stalking, covert directed energy weapon’s research, and the United States Government. She also mentions that agents are putting drugs in targeted individual’s food and drink as a part of the gang stalking protocol. This may explain the numerous home break ins targets are reporting: Youtube Video Weapon’s Research
  5. Here is a recording from a conference hosted by Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. John Hall at Sonoma State University regarding the use of energy weapons, mind control, gang stalking, the CIA and NSA: Youtube Video Sanoma State
  6. Here is a video about organized stalking tactics that identifies the system as a brainwashing technique: Youtube Video Brainwashing
  7. This is a long video and the narrator moves slowly from point to point but he does a good job of describing a vast number of gang stalking tactics in detail, many of which I have experienced firsthand: Youtube Video Gangstalking Tactics Detailed



  1. Here is a great blog that describes the  gang stalking protocol clearly and in detail: BLOG
  2. “Before It’s News” Report on targeted individuals being used for illegal human research.
  3. A professional organization … The International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:
  4. This one is a good source of general information on gang stalking and the various abuses and terms used to describe those abuses and the people involved: Gang Stalking Tactics and Terms
  5. This one is a bit rambling and extreme, but it contains lots of information and links regarding gang stalking and electronic harassment by a TI who is clearly outraged (I don’t blame him! So am I!):
  6. This website is a nonprofit organization that provides information and support for targeted individuals: