Is Gang Stalking Legal?

There is a fairytale that gang stalkers like to tell each other, which was invented by the same corrupt officials currently leading the torture of thousands of American citizens across the country. This twisted tale suggests that it is somehow LEGAL to stalk, eavesdrop on, harass, and torture people simply because the CIA, NSA, or some other high-ranking intelligence, police, or military agency says it’s okay—an obviously unilateral opinion that overreaches both the function and vested authority of these services. It is not up to police, military, intelligence agencies, or citizens to try, convict, and punish anyone. That is why we have courts and juries, which allow people to actually hear the charges against them, acquire legal counsel, and answer those charges. In fact our legal system has been deliberately, and very carefully, designed to prevent just such unjustified assaults that comprise the complex crime known as organized stalking, aka gang stalking. Circumventing the American judicial system is a form of vigilantism, and is a direct violation of the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States constitution.

Let’s consider my own case. There is a very good reason that those involved in harassing me have been specifically told not to discuss the purpose behind their attacks: because the accusations against me are 100% false, and I would demolish their case instantaneously. I can guarantee this result, because it is a fact that I have committed no crime at all, as is true of most victims of organized stalking. You don’t have to take my word for this. All you need do is allow reason to direct your thinking. Consider these facts: my wife and I have been continuously spied on by these people, in every conceivable way, since May of 2012. This has included bugging both of our phones with sophisticated spyware, hacking into our computers, breaking into our home and searching its contents on numerous occasions, listening in on our phone conversations, intercepting text messages and emails, monitoring us using hidden cameras and microphones, tagging our car with a GPS locator bug to track our every move, and following us everywhere we go. Yet somehow, remarkably, neither of us has ever been charged—or even questioned—regarding any crime. None whatsoever! I have not even been allowed to hear what those charges might be. This must mean that either these people are totally incompetent, or else I must be innocent. Ask yourself, in open honesty, which is more likely?

The argument that gang stalking is legal usually includes one driving theme, which is that because the torture they are engaging in is “no touch”—meaning that victims are not physically assaulted—it is somehow, magically deemed to be legal. Once again, all we need do is call upon simple reason to guide us in evaluating this ridiculous assumption. When a person’s bank account is drained by criminals in some scam, the victim is not “touched,” yet this does not mean that it is legal to do so. Likewise, the “no touch” argument regarding the legality of gang stalking is absurd. In fact gang stalking is a crime, and a very serious one at that. Let’s cover some basics:

  1. Harassment is illegal. If the intent of any activity is to harass a person—thus intentionally causing them harm—you are guilty of a crime. There are strong anti-harassment laws in all fifty states of the U.S. It doesn’t really matter how the harassment is perpetrated. Some forms of harassment are simply harder to prove. Yet would you rob your neighbor just because you thought you could get away with it? You will have to answer this question for yourself. It is a moral one.
  2. Stalking is illegal. To follow, drive by a person’s residence, or otherwise knowingly intercept a person in order to annoy, harass, intimidate or injure them in any way is a crime.
  3. Trespassing is illegal. To enter another person’s property for no legitimate or official purpose other than to annoy, intimidate, harass or injure them in any way is a crime.
  4. Felony eavesdropping and electronic wiretapping is a crime. In fact these are federal crimes, which become even more serious when the information attained is used to harass, intimidate, follow, intercept, and generally engage in activities meant to traumatize someone—which is precisely how it is used in gang stalking. But wait, there’s more…. It is also illegal to knowingly receive information that has been attained by someone else through eavesdropping. Even if there happened to be a warrant in my case, that warrant is groundless and void because a) It was attained through falsified testimony and information, and b) It is not being used to investigate, but to harass and torture; in other words, to commit other crimes.
  5. Engaging in false investigations and perjury is a crime. When any government agent submits a request for a warrant against a U.S. citizen, they’d better be really investigating them, supplying factual information, and using their authority only as is legal under judiciary guidelines. Otherwise they are abusing their power in a most serious way by perjuring themselves on official documents and/or during court proceedings.
  6. Breaking and entering is a crime. Our home has been entered on numerous occasions while we were not at home. This has been going on for years, and no warrant has ever been served to us. This is an egregious violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, one of the most important and treasured points of protection afforded U.S. citizens, which protects all of us from unreasonable searches, eavesdropping, and other privacy violations by the government.
  7. Violating a person’s freedom of speech is a crime. Those involved in harassing me have systematically attempted to prevent me from communicating my story. This interference has included intercepting and destroying copies of my complaint that were sent by certified mail through the United States Postal Service. Three separate parcels were addressed to three separate journalists in different cities, and somehow all three disappeared before being delivered. These were mailed to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and an investigative reporter with CBS television. The people behind this harassment have also broken into the email accounts of numerous contacts of mine who I emailed copies of my account to, and deleted those documents in an attempt to prevent my story from being circulated. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
  8. Mail theft is a federal crime. See above.
  9. Libel is a crime. This harassment has included an active campaign to intentionally spread lies and disinformation about me in order to discredit me, as well as to recruit ordinary citizens in this harassment.
  10. Torture and illegal human experimentation are crimes. Finally, we come to the heart of the crime of organized stalking—torture and mind-control experimentation, both of which are serious violations of international, federal, and state laws, as well as the Geneva Convention. While the CIA bills organized stalking as a “community policing” program, this is just a flimsy covering designed to attract participants. In reality organized stalking is a sophisticated mind-control torture program, in which random citizens are falsely accused of a crime so that warrants may be attained to tap their electronic devices, home, workplace, and cars; their reputations are then slaughtered, and they are subsequently attacked in such a way as to make them appear mentally ill so that their claims will be easy to dismiss. Thousands of people around the world have reported being attacked in this manner, and the real purpose behind the program has been slowly unfolding over decades: to enable government intelligence and military to perfect techniques for controlling and shaping the human mind using brutal, yet brilliant, psychological methods that were first developed in Nazi Germany on imprisoned Jews. Organized stalking is no community policing program; it is a government experiment on how best to torture and control people.

If the allegations that are coming to light are true, the harassment part of organized stalking may be a mere sliver of the real agenda. Many victims, as well as a number of government insiders, have reported this abuse also incorporates the use of state-of-the-art microwave weapons, which have a particularly potent effect on human cognition and emotion, and can induce hallucinations, terror, rage, mental confusion, severe insomnia, and other states literally with the flick of a switch. Organized stalking, then, may really be an extension of MKUltra, which the CIA was caught perpetrating against the public in the 1970s. After a series of public hearings, Congress ordered them to stop screwing with people’s minds, but they never did. They merely switched tactics, changed the program name, started using energy weapons, and buried the program from public scrutiny by labeling it “community policing.” In this way the public is actually misled to believe that by participating in what are, in fact, crimes against humanity, they are serving their country.

Whatever the truth about the use of microwave and other energy based weapons may be, the techniques the government is using are meant to inflict severe emotional harm, and they do precisely what they were designed to do. The suicide rate of targeted individuals is very high, many victims develop severe, lifelong emotional conditions, and some are even mistakenly diagnosed as schizophrenics and are institutionalized against their will, where further, unrestricted experimentation and torture is said to ensue. And still other targeted individuals may go on to commit acts of violence when they are pushed to their breaking point—and are subsequently either killed by law enforcement or imprisoned as a result. Two such sad cases were those of Aaron Alexis, the infamous Navy Yard shooter, and more recently the case of Myron May, the individual who was gunned down at Florida State University after he opened fire in his alma mater’s library. Both of these people reported being victims of organized stalking and government-sponsored harassment. The perpetrators of many other mass shootings may have also been assaulted using these same tactics. It is difficult to estimate just how many because most victims of gang stalking don’t realize they are being assaulted with an intentional, organized system of attack. They simply think a bunch of people don’t like them. It took me over eighteen months to uncover the truth behind my own harassment.

The truth is, gang stalking is a fully illegal program that blatantly violates numerous Amendments of the Constitution, as well as many other laws at the international, federal, and state levels. It is an all-out campaign of assault that not only targets individual citizens, but the American liberties and legal protective mechanisms that make our country unique and safe from abuse by the government and other citizens. As such organized stalking must be considered a war on the Constitution of the United States of America and its citizenry. It is also a moral crime that sets mobs of bullies against a single, targeted individual, while offering him or her no opportunity to defend themselves. In fact there are few crimes as savage and damaging as this one.

it is critical for those involved in these crimes to understand that every little contribution is equally damaging to the victim, thereby making each perpetrator equally culpable—no matter how small his or her role. It is the whole system, exacted year after year, not any one assault, that does the real damage. You cannot push a drowning man’s head below water and attest your innocence because you only did it once. When it comes to gang stalking, there are a thousand other hands out there trying to pull him under. Don’t be one of them. Be the one who throws him a life preserver instead.


My Letter to Congress

Email:; Blog:

Re: Organized Stalking and Directed Energy Weapons Testing

Date: August 6, 2014

Distinguished Members of Congress:

What I am about to share is a true story. I am an American author living in Central Oregon. For the past two years I have been under attack by a mostly unidentified group of assailants. At first I thought this was a personal vendetta, however as these attacks progressed month after month, growing in intensity and complexity, I began to realize that I was dealing with something far more organized, sophisticated, and sinister. I began doing some research and what I found was disturbing: There is a form of terrorism being perpetrated in which innocent citizens are being targeted and harassed by multiple people to the point of psychological torture. I am not alone. Thousands across the country have reported cases strikingly similar to mine. This crime is being called organized stalking, but it goes far beyond mere stalking. These people have harassed me in every conceivable way—online, at work, by text, e-mail, phone calls, at home, and in public. Furthermore, due to the nature of the crimes, they are extremely difficult to prove. However, if you take the time to read my detailed report, which may be viewed at,   you will see that I have witnesses, photographs, and other powerful circumstantial evidence. Organized stalking is absolutely real. Furthermore, official government documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act suggest that the CIA is engaged in a domestic torture program targeting American citizens, referred to as “in-community no-touch torture.” I know I do not need to point this out, but I will anyway for the record: torture, in ALL forms—whether physical or psychological—is a serious violation of international, federal, and state laws.

Here are a few more interesting facts about my case:

  • These people have hacked into my phone and laptop, and installed covert spyware on both which I have been unable to remove through any standard methods, such as factory resets.
  • They have used their capacity to spy on me to break into my home on countless occasions while my fiancée and I are not at home, as well as to harass and intimidate me everywhere I go.
  • They have intercepted and deleted emailed copies of my story to key contacts in the media, as well as documents regarding these crimes sent via certified mail through the United States Postal Service to the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and a reporter with CBS.
  • They have repeatedly disrupted our internet service in order to sabotage my efforts to expose these crimes.
  • The United States Census Bureau has showed up at our doorstep on six separate occasions claiming we had been selected for a “consumer survey.” They wanted to know how many people lived in our home and if we had any dogs or “other pets.” On the last visit when I attempted to get the person’s name, he covered his ID with his hand. When I asked my fiancée to bring me a pen, he yanked his badge away, stuck his other hand in his jacket pocket, and pretended to brandish a weapon. My fiancée walked up just in time to witness this bizarre behavior, at which point he rushed down our driveway and sped away in his car. This was an obvious intimidation tactic.

Many victims of organized stalking also complain about what is being called “electronic harassment,” which is the use of directed energy weapons such as microwaves and lasers. This may sound like science fiction, but numerous weapons’ experts around the globe have testified that these weapons are real. More disturbing, ex-military personnel have started coming forward stating that the U.S. federal government is using organized stalking as a way to discredit people in order to test these weapons on them and engage in other forms of illegal human experimentation. If this is true, this may be the most serious breach of public trust ever committed. These weapons are said to cause an array of physical and cognitive symptoms, including lymphoma, leukemia, paranoia, active hallucinations, acute aggression, debilitating insomnia, and more.  

Organized stalking and electronic harassment may be the most frightening and little known forms of terrorism taking place in the world today, and they are being perpetrated against American citizens right here on sovereign U.S. soil. Distinguished members of Congress, I urge you to aggressively investigate these crimes against humanity!

With hope and gratitude,

 T.B. Justice

August 6, 2014

Bend, Oregon

Navy Yard Shooter Reported Being a Target of Organized Stalking

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with this crime, you may wish to scroll down and read the “Introduction to Gang Stalking” and “My Story…” first.

On September 16, 2013 at 8:20 am Eastern Standard Time, an individual named Aaron Alexis entered the Washington Navy Yard in South East Washington DC with a loaded sawed-off shotgun. He then proceeded to murder twelve people and wound several others in one of America’s deadliest mass shootings. The rampage lasted over an hour before he was gunned down by responding law enforcement.

Following the shooting an investigation was launched, and the FBI soon announced that Mr. Alexis had been suffering from “delusions.” It seems that on August 2 he had filed a police report in Rhode Island claiming to be the victim of organized stalking and harassment. He also stated that he was “hearing voices,” and believed that he was being assaulted with what he called “ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic waves.”

On August 23 Aaron Alexis visited the emergency room at the VA hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. He complained of severe insomnia and was prescribed medications to help him sleep. Five days later, on August 28, he showed up at another ER in Washington DC, again suffering from insomnia.

I recently spoke with Derrick R., the founder and director of the website, which is dedicated to supporting victims of organized stalking and covert “electronic harassment,” over the phone during a conference call. During the conversation Derrick revealed that Mr. Alexis had also contacted him several weeks prior to the shooting, seeking help for the attacks he claimed were being perpetrated against him. Derrick has worked with thousands of victims of these complicated crimes, and he said that he believed Mr. Alexis was an authentic victim of organized stalking—which is a crime that not only mimics psychosis, it may very well cause it.

It must be noted for the official records that the symptoms that Aaron Alexis reported are also commonly reported by many, if not most, victims of organized stalking, including daily, organized harassment by numerous people, illegal entry into homes, eavesdropping and electronic wiretapping, debilitating insomnia, and even what is called “voice to skull” transmissions, which is when victims—with no history of mental illness—suddenly begin claiming they are hearing voices. Some victims believe that somehow the people behind these crimes have learned to transmit sounds or thoughts into a person’s mind. It is hard to say what the truth is without insider testimony, but there may be a simpler explanation for this phenomenon…

In an interview released on Youtube, former Royal Navy microwave specialist Barry Trowler testified about governmental abuse and development of microwave weaponry. According to him, and many other experts, these weapons are real. In fact they have been in existence since the 1970s or earlier. Furthermore, he stated during this interview in no uncertain terms that they were being employed against unaware citizens around the world. While they are invisible, they can cause many severe physical and cognitive symptoms, including debilitating insomnia, aggression, and “auditory hallucinations,” to name just a few. You can view Mr. Trowler’s description of these weapons’ capabilities and some of the abuses he asserts have been committed here: Trowler Interview

On a side note, I am reminded of another prominent case of insomnia: that of Michael Jackson. In fact his insomnia was so bad he hired a private doctor to dose him with potent anesthetics normally used exclusively during surgery–a decision that ultimately resulted in his death. He was also accused of being a child molester and adamantly argued that he was innocent. I have to admit, I always assumed he was guilty, but now I am not so sure. Another typical gang-stalking harassment tactic involves making false accusations against the target and filing bogus law suits.

In my experience, I cannot say with certainty whether or not these weapons are being employed against me, or anyone else. What I can say as an absolute fact is that the organized stalking, harassment by multiple people, breaking and entering, felony eavesdropping, and other miscellaneous crimes being reported by thousands of people in communities all around the United States, and in fact across the world, are absolutely true. My family and I have dealt with this twisted abuse for nearly two and a half years as of this writing. I can also tell you that, while I have never experienced the voice-to-skull assaults which so many other targeted individuals report, I have experienced the insomnia. It is a type of insomnia that is truly devastating. I have heard it referred to as “virtual insomnia,” but there is nothing virtual about it. It is a condition that causes a person to become unable to remain asleep for more than a few minutes at a stretch, no matter how exhausted he or she becomes. During episodes, the victim may fall asleep briefly when they become thoroughly exhausted, but will inevitably wake up in only a few short minutes to find themselves fully awake and alert. This can go on night after night, and in some cases for months. After dealing with this just a few nights in a row recently, I was left in a mental stupor that crippled my ability to function. I can imagine how longer periods of this type of insomnia could certainly cause hallucinations and paranoia even without the added, purported exposure to a microwave assaults.

It is time for citizens around the world to wake up to these crimes. The crime of organized stalking has been intentionally designed to be virtually impossible to report without sounding mentally unstable. Yet it is true. Furthermore, reflecting on the case of Aaron Alexis and the Navy Yard shooting, I am drawn to speculate about the many other mass shootings America has been plagued with in recent decades. How many of these tragedies have been triggered by this covert abuse? It is an intriguing question, not to mention a disturbing one. Of course you may well ask, if this is true then why aren’t other “shooters” making the same claim that Mr. Alexis did? The answer is, many have complained about behind harassed and bullied, including the perpetrators behind the shootings at Ford Hood, Texas, the Virginia Tech massacre, and the infamous tragedy at Columbine.  The fact that few of them have identified the harassment as “organized” is hardly surprising. Most victims of organized stalking believe they are merely being attacked by people who do not like them. They don’t realize they have been targeted by a sophisticated, organized system of psychological warfare. It took me nearly two years to discover the truth behind the crimes being perpetrated against me.

Just a few more questions to pose, Dear Reader, before I sign off on this subject: If directed energy weapons are real, as so many weapon’s experts claim, and you were a government seeking to discover how best to use these weapons, how would you test them? How would you determine what their long term effects on the human body were? How would you discover how best to employ them to control the human mind and behavior? Such research, performed on human subjects, would be highly illegal, not to mention immoral. How then, would you proceed?

With hope,

T.B. Justice

July 30, 2014

Free Educational Flyer Download for Victims of Organized Stalking and Concerned Citizens

Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from victim’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow victims of this crime to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. federal government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. This may be the only way to expose these crimes and put an end to them. Lawsuits are not only about money; they are about creating public awareness and exposing the truth. Please contact me at or with your stories. Thank you! T.B. Justice

Dear Friends,

If you have been the victim of organized stalking, you know how difficult it can be to explain to other people who have never experienced it. Indeed, it is one of the most bizarre and brutal crimes ever committed against the public. I want to help. Below you will find a pdf document containing an educational flyer that helps people to understand what this crime is and how it is being perpetrated. It is designed not only to educate, but also to discourage community members from participating and to report the perpetrators. I have found it to be a useful tool in my own day-to-day struggles. I encourage you to print a stack and distribute them throughout your community. You can add your contact information at the very end if you like, in order to give people a way of communicating with you and sending you evidence. Just be sure to select the “duplex” printing option in your printer setup page in order to print both sides of the flyer onto one page. Colored paper also helps to grab people’s attention. Hand it out to friends, family, your neighbors, utility companies, your internet provider, cell phone company, restaurants, and any place you have had to deal with harassment in the past.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed. Simply tell people you are educating the public regarding a very serious crime that has been committed against you, as well as thousands of innocent American citizens in communities all across the country. You no longer have to explain anything. Let me, and the internet links provided, do the work for you. Be brave and be bold, and remember: if we don’t work together to stop this madness it may never end. Furthermore, there is nothing corrupt government officials fear more than public exposure. When you first begin educating your community you may find that the abuse from these people temporarily increases, but don’t back down! Give it some time and you will discover that this system helps to alleviate the active stalking like a magic charm. Let’s all work together to educate America! Here’s that flyer…



Introduction to Gang Stalking

Note to victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse: I am collecting stories from TI’s and their friends and families about their experiences for a book about this crime; furthermore, I am encouraging fellow victims of this crime to join me in an attempt to initiate a joint lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government on charges of organized stalking, harassment, psychological warfare, torture, and illegal human experimentation. Please contact me at or Thank you! T.B. Justice

Dear Reader,

What you are about to read is a true story. I am an American author living in Central Oregon. For the past two years I have been under attack by a mostly unidentified group of assailants. At first I thought these were locals who did not like me or my work. I teach meditation and spiritual awakening classes, and I have two published books on meditation. As these attacks progressed month after month, then year after year, growing in intensity and complexity, I began to realize that I was dealing with something far more organized, sophisticated, and frightening.

Eventually I began doing some research and what I found was disturbing: There is a form of terrorism now taking place in which innocent citizens are being targeted and harassed by multiple people to the point of psychological torture. I am not alone. Thousands across the country have reported cases strikingly similar to mine. Furthermore, as the following report will reveal, the system of attack they use is intentionally designed to mimic the symptoms of mental illness, making these cases extraordinarily difficult to prove. As a result they are often ignored outright by law enforcement.

As you research this crime you will find numerous blogs, websites, and YouTube videos devoted to what I have come to understand is called “gang stalking” or “organized stalking.” Many victims believe, however, that a number of these sites are intentionally ridiculous sounding in order to weaken true victim’s claims. Regardless of the false reports, the case you are about to read is absolutely true. I am forty five years old, with no history of any mental disease whatsoever. Furthermore, I have been interviewed about this by my father, J.W.D., Ph.D. [Full name withheld], who is a psychologist with over 40 years of experience in clinical work and research. While admittedly not unbiased, it is worth noting that he found me to be of sound mind with no symptoms of delusional thinking. I welcome further psychological evaluations and am willing to take a polygraph test by neutral examiners.

As for who is behind these attacks, many victims are blaming the federal government, cults, or mega corporations attempting to protect their bottom line. While I have tried to keep this report focused on factual incidents rather than speculation and perceptual interpretations, one thing is sure—these people are professionals. They know exactly how to cause severe psychological distress and get away with it. If you’ve never heard of it, here is a brief overview of organized stalking:

  • The process begins when a group of trained professionals (core group) begins circulating vicious, false rumors about the “targeted individual” or “TI,” such as claiming they are a criminal (child molester, rapist, terrorist, etc). Alternatively, in some cases they may just imply that the person is rude, paranoid, or simply pretend to be playing a practical joke. In any case, the core group uses lies in order to recruit ordinary citizens into participating in the harassment and to discredit any complaints the target may file, as well as isolate him or her from friends and family.
  • Those exposed to the smear campaign and recruited into participating are manipulated into not divulging any details of what is being spread behind the target’s back, so the victim has no opportunity to defend his or her reputation. They are thus tried, convicted and sentenced by the community with no form of due process.
  • The goal seems to be to assault the target on ALL levels of his or her life—personal, professional, online, psychological, physical, legal, financial, and so on—making them appear paranoid or mentally ill while leaving them with little or no grounds for legal recourse. It has been reported that in some cases gag orders citing national security are used to silence potential witnesses, suggesting government involvement.
  • The target is monitored around the clock and audio and video recordings are carefully edited and circulated among participants in order to justify the ongoing attacks. This monitoring is also used to break into the target’s home repeatedly, and to harass them via “noise campaigns,” “street theater,” and other forms of harassment wherever they go.
  • Many victims also complain about what is being called “electronic harassment,” which is the use of directed energy weapons (such as microwaves and lasers). This may sound like science fiction, but numerous weapons’ experts around the globe have testified that these weapons are real. More disturbing, ex-military personnel have started coming forward stating that the U.S. Government, along with other world governments, are using gang stalking as a way to discredit people in order to test these weapons on them and engage in other forms of illegal human experimentation. If this is true, and there is now substantial evidence that it is, this scandal may be the most serious breach of public trust ever committed by the Federal Government. Near the end of my report detailing my personal experience as a targeted individual, which I have titled “My Story…”, I add my own thoughts regarding this terrifying possibility under the heading “Summary and Motives.” Please be sure to read this section. These weapons are said to potentially cause a significant array of serious symptoms, including leukemia,  lymphoma, and other cancers; microwave and laser burns; paranoia, mental confusion, and active hallucinations; exhaustion and severe sleep disruption; depression, acute anxiety, and aggression; dizziness and lack of coordination, and others. And, in focused assaults, they can reportedly reduce the human body to ash.

I realize the post below chronicling this abuse is long, but I have come to believe that its length and detail are necessary in order to fully communicate the extent and seriousness of these crimes, which go far beyond the little which is outlined here. Please do not dismiss it lightly! Another challenge I have encountered is getting the report into the hands of those who can help. I have had at least three certified copies “vanish” mid-transit, which were mailed via the United States Postal Service to the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and an investigative reporter with CBS. Emailed copies to several important contacts have also similarly disappeared before being received. I have no way of determining how many copies have been intercepted. Clearly these people do not want the report reaching the media–or you.

Organized stalking may be one of the most frightening and little known forms of terrorism taking place in the world today, and it is being perpetrated against American citizens right here on sovereign U.S. soil.

Please help!

T.B. Justice

Must See Gang Stalking Youtube Videos and Websites

YouTube Videos:

  1. This frightening video documents the U.S. federal government’s past and present mind control and targeted energy weapon’s testing programs, which is allegedly being perpetrated against United States citizens all across the country, today. The video provides detailed evidence, victim testimony, quotes from pioneering scientists who developed these weapons, and clear analysis of this crime against humanity. It is one of the most important documentaries ever produced. A few sections of the video repeat, but these are short. Be sure to watch the entire video. There is new material presented throughout, and the middle and end portions present the most stunning revelations of the government’s programs: CIA, MKUltra, the Phoenix Project, MONARCH, and HAARP
  2. This alarming, must-see YouTube Video presents an interview with Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy microwave specialist who speaks on microwave warfare and its covert use against people: Microwave Weapons
  3. This video is especially important for victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment, which details the techniques used by organized stalkers as outlined in the CIA’s training manuals on “in-community, no-touch torture.” Yes these people are being trained by the CIA!: Organized Stalkers Techniques
  4. This audio recording is a radio interview with a former U.S. Army officer who speaks on the use of, and connection between, gang stalking, covert directed energy weapon’s research, and the United States Government. She also mentions that agents are putting drugs in targeted individual’s food and drink as a part of the gang stalking protocol. This may explain the numerous home break ins targets are reporting: Youtube Video Weapon’s Research
  5. Here is a recording from a conference hosted by Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. John Hall at Sonoma State University regarding the use of energy weapons, mind control, gang stalking, the CIA and NSA: Youtube Video Sanoma State
  6. Here is a video about organized stalking tactics that identifies the system as a brainwashing technique: Youtube Video Brainwashing
  7. This is a long video and the narrator moves slowly from point to point but he does a good job of describing a vast number of gang stalking tactics in detail, many of which I have experienced firsthand: Youtube Video Gangstalking Tactics Detailed



  1. Here is a great blog that describes the  gang stalking protocol clearly and in detail: BLOG
  2. “Before It’s News” Report on targeted individuals being used for illegal human research.
  3. A professional organization … The International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:
  4. This one is a good source of general information on gang stalking and the various abuses and terms used to describe those abuses and the people involved: Gang Stalking Tactics and Terms
  5. This one is a bit rambling and extreme, but it contains lots of information and links regarding gang stalking and electronic harassment by a TI who is clearly outraged (I don’t blame him! So am I!):
  6. This website is a nonprofit organization that provides information and support for targeted individuals:

Gang Stalking. My story…

Original Date of Report: February 15, 2014

Last Updated: July 1, 2014

Filed with Bend Police Department on 2/24/14

Case Number: 2013-00225086

Author of Report: T.B. Justice

Bend, Oregon Email: and

Re: Organized Stalking, aka Gang Stalking, or Cause Stalking

To Whom it May Concern:

This report is an attempt to document a complicated and often covert, but severe, case of harassment, cyber crimes, criminal trespassing, breaking and entering, and other miscellaneous abuses that have been perpetrated against me and my family by a group of mostly unidentified assailants in the Central Oregon area. Though it begins simply, please read through the whole report, much of which can be skimmed. As you will see, by its end this case develops into what I have identified as a full blown system of psychological warfare which causes profound damage. Near the end, I summarize my findings and put forward some frightening conclusions based on my own experiences as well as the experiences of numerous other victims of this heinous system of attack.

Phone Harassment This abuse began suddenly around May, 2012 as simple phone harassment when I began receiving continuous wrong number calls and text messages asking for an individual named “Mary Thomas.” None of these were particularly threatening in any direct way, just irritating. When I would inform the caller (or respond to a wrong text) explaining that they had the wrong number, the same person—or another individual—would soon contact me again using a different phone number, asking for the same person. Oftentimes this pattern was immediate: they would call, I’d tell them they had the wrong number (and/or I would block their number), and I would soon receive another message or phone call from a different number. In other cases, they would wait a day or two, or sometimes as long as a few days before contacting me again. In all, I have counted more than 300 wrong texts and calls to my number, but I did not keep track of many of these. I estimate the actual number to be well over 500. Eventually I changed my phone number and enjoyed a full two weeks of harassment-free phone usage. Then, out of the blue, the identical pattern of abuse erupted. Here is a short list of a few of the numbers these people have contacted me from:

[Author’s note: List of dozens of phone numbers withheld for public viewing, but are available to investigators upon request]

Cyber attacks On November 9th, 2013 (or thereabouts) at around 12 noon my computer froze and was remotely taken over. For five minutes there was nothing I could do to recover control. The cursor vanished and my screen was blocked by a document that I had open at the time. Immediately afterward, my laptop shut down and restarted itself, such as happens when a new program is installed.

Fast forward to November 18th when I read about programs hackers install on computers to utilize their webcam to spy on them. On a whim, I covered my web cam and within minutes I received “wrong number” call. The timing of this call was suggestive, as has been a pattern. This particular call came from ***-***-**** at 1:07 pm on 11/18/13.

Another incident happened on January 12, 2014 when my fiancée, Kirsten K., discovered that my laptop’s password had been changed by an unknown program or individual, effectively locking us out of my computer.

On February, 10th, 2014 at around 530 pm our home Wi-Fi system inexplicably failed. Our modem indicated that the system was locked in a “walled garden.” We then enlisted the help of an amateur computer specialist, Josh B., to resolve the issue and help us secure our network. After we got it back up and running, however, the system failed once again the very next day, and then again, and again. This has been a pattern we have not been able to resolve and it has directly interfered with our ability to communicate this crime. This, I believe, is one of its primary purposes. In fact as of this writing our internet service has once again crashed and we have not been able to restore it through hard resets of our modem or by  any other standard method.

After the “walled garden” incident, we were able to recover several physical (mac) addresses from our modem, which did not match any of the addresses assigned to our own devices. These addresses are the equivalent of digital fingerprints left by “electronic trespassers”. This provided us with the first tangible piece of evidence that somebody had indeed illegally accessed our private Wifi and left a trail:


e4:d5:3d:96:78:4f (this device was listed as Reckless D, or something similar, in our modem).

54:04:96:41:e1:90 (again, “Reckless D”)


Eavesdropping and Electronic Wiretapping

Kirsten and I also believe that our smart phones have had spyware installed on them, which we have been unable to remove. (For the record, both of our phones are encrypted and we have performed factory resets several times to no avail. This fact suggests that this eavesdropping is not actually occurring through spyware, but at the level of our cell phone provider, Sprint, or the government.) This conclusion comes in part from private information we have shared between the two of us, which seemed to have been intercepted.

For instance, when we decided to switch our internet provider from **** ********* to Century Link, we joked privately in our living room about naming our new Wi-Fi network, “FBI Surveillance Van.” Months later when Josh B. was helping us secure our Wi-Fi, he pulled up a list of available networks in our vicinity and we found that one of them was named “FBI Surveillance Van.” This network had never been there before, and it was gone the next morning.

Another reason we believe we are being eavesdropped on is connected with an additional form of harassment. Some of what follows may sound odd to those unschooled in how gang stalkers operate, but I assure you that, odd as it sounds, what I am about to report is true. Also, there are good reasons, I now understand, why this next tactic is so frequently used by these people. I will explain those in a moment. But first, the simple facts… Over a period of about nine months or so, virtually every time we went out to eat or ordered take out, our order is inevitably wrong. If we ordered a pizza with extra sauce, we got one with no sauce; order a taco, they gave us a burrito. One day Kirsten and I called in a to-go order for burgers from a local restaurant, both of which came with a variety of deluxe toppings. This was called in on a whim from the privacy of our own home, using my cell phone. When we picked up our food and got home, we discovered that all we had been given were dry hamburger buns with patties stuffed inside. Another time I ordered a chicken taco and received a taco with no meat at all—just lettuce and cheese. Mistakes do happen, of course, but this pattern was so consistent and blatant it cannot be ignored. It only ended when I started handing educational flyers out to food vendors regarding this harassment.

In fact I have discovered that “food manipulation,” as it is called, is one of the trademark techniques used by gang stalkers. First of all, over time it causes intense underlying anxiety in the target by attacking one of the primary needs of human stability. Second, when it is done outside of the home at restaurants and fast food establishments, it causes the target to eat more often at home. You simply get tired of dealing with it. I know, because this is exactly what we started doing. This is a telling fact when you consider that at least one ex-military officer has already testified that drugs are being placed in gang stalking victim’s food, something that is much easier to accomplish in the victim’s own home. This may explain the numerous home break ins reported by targets. More on that later…

Another incident I’d like to share involved Kirsten. One day she was at a store with her mom and the salesperson randomly mentioned something about the Portland Trailblazers basketball team. The next day Kirsten discovered that someone had broken into her Facebook account and “liked” the Trailblazers on her private page.

Also, as mentioned above, the timing of some of many of these wrong number calls defies coincidence. Oftentimes we will receive calls from unknown numbers while we are discussing this situation with others. For instance, I was on the phone telling my sister, Lara D., about this situation when a call from an unknown number broke through my call blocker app in the middle of our conversation. Another time, when Josh B. showed up at our home to help us secure our Wi-Fi, I had just opened the door and let him in when my phone rang … another unknown number. A third time, I went to visit my dad, J.W.D., who lives in Springfield, Oregon. On the way, I entered his phone number and full name into Kirsten’s phone. Later, while at his house, I started to tell him about this situation when his phone suddenly rang. The caller asked for “J.W.D.” exactly as I had entered it into Kirsten’s phone. When my dad replied, “This is J***,” the caller asked again for him by his full name. He said, again, “This is J***,” and the caller immediately hung up.

More recently, on June 10, 2014, I installed a camera blocker app on my phone, which is designed to deactivate the camera so it cannot be used by hidden programs to spy on the user. Within minutes of doing so I received yet another random call (from ***-***-****).

These represent just a few examples of dozens upon dozens of such incidents. If I were to list them all this report would perhaps triple in length.


At various times we have also had people come onto our property who did not appear to be on legitimate business. Six such instances involved employees of the United States Census Bureau, who came onto our property between January of 2013 and January, 2014. Kirsten and I were both present during four of these interactions, and during the other two Kirsten was home alone and chose not to answer the door.

The first time a lady knocked on our door and said that we had been chosen for a non-mandatory “random survey.” They wanted to know how many people lived in our home and if we had any dogs or “other pets.” They claimed this was a part of a consumer survey. We told her we did not wish to participate.

The second time, two or three months later, another U.S. Census employee showed up at our doorstep. This time I told her more firmly we were not interested and asked her not come back. The third time Kirsten answered the door but I was standing just behind her. It was a man this time who said he was usually sent out on “difficult cases.” Kirsten told him we were not willing to help and she virtually had to close the door on him.

Our forth face to face encounter with the Census Bureau was more significant. It happened at about 420 p.m. on 1/14/14. This employee’s name turned out to be Bill G*******. When he came to our home I told him we didn’t want to do a survey and pointed out that the USCB had been to our home on three occasions before and told not to come back. I then asked to see his I.D., which was hanging around his neck.

When I tried to get his name off his badge, he covered it with this hand. I said, “What is your name?”

He replied, “Bill.”

I said, “What is your last name?”

“It’s on my I.D.,” he replied.

I pointed out that he was covering it with his hand, and I turned to Kirsten, who was behind me in our living room, and asked her to get me a pen and paper.

In response, this person pulled his identification badge away from me and stuck his other hand in his left jacket pocket and began pointing it at me, quite dramatically, as if to suggest he had a gun concealed inside. Kirsten walked up behind me just then and witnessed this bizarre activity as well.

I then retrieved a pen and paper and in the meantime the man charged off down our driveway headed for his car. I hurried after him, writing down his license plate number: Federal Government plates: *****.

He drove off and I went to get our mail. On my way back home I was approached by the same USCB worker, who had evidently circled around our block. I told him “I want this harassment to stop,” and he replied “I know, call me. Call the number on the card.” He repeated this several times and handed me his business card.

He then claimed his actions were the result of a medical condition, however on a personal note, I have never heard of a medical condition that causes a person to shove their hand in their pocket and point it in a way as if to suggest that they are armed. This was clearly a blatant intimidation tactic.

A few days before this incident, on January 11th, 2014, on a Saturday night at approximately 5 pm during a snowstorm, two girls knocked on our door stating they were Mormons looking for Kim K., which is Kirsten’s mom. This was not only odd due to the timing of their visit (as noted, it was Saturday night, it was already dark, and the snow was really coming down), but for the fact that the Mormons had never come to our door before, and Kim has not lived in the home for eight years. The other thing that grabbed my attention was that one of them kept her hand lodged inside her purse the whole time during the encounter in a way that suggested she had a weapon concealed within, very much like the USCB employee did a week later.   

Breaking and entering

At some point Kirsten and I began to believe that someone/s was illegally entering our house while we were not at home. We began noticing discrepancies such as things being moved or left out of place, food being opened which neither of us had touched. On one occasion we went grocery shopping and bought a package of hot dogs. When Kirsten and I got home from work that same evening we discovered that the hot dogs had been opened, though left untouched (a prime example of food manipulation). On another occasion someone turned two cans of food upside down in our cabinet and moved them all the way to the front of the shelf (see the photograph marked Food Manipulation in my separate post on photographic evidence).

I installed a voice recorder on my phone and intentionally left it at home one night when we were out. We were gone for over four hours, and when we got home I found a four-plus hour recording on my phone, as anticipated. When I went to listen to it later I discovered that the recording had been cut down to 1 hour and fifteen minutes. Not surprisingly the recording was blank.

I then installed a covert spy cam on my phone which is designed to detect a person’s face when they look at the phone and automatically snap a picture. Once again, I intentionally left my phone at home one day when we were both gone. When I came home the app had been disabled.

To determine if/how they were getting in, I took a piece of note card and used the tip of a pin to lodge it securely between the slats of my garage door. When the door opens, the slats naturally come apart. This paper was wedged firmly in place making it highly unlikely that it could come out by chance. When we came home the paper had been dislodged and was lying next to our trashcan outside, indicating that our garage had indeed been accessed while we were gone.

Then, on Tuesday, January 28th, we set up a spy cam in our garage. We left the camera recording while we were away that evening. When we returned, the camera had been turned off.

Sometime after this incident we changed our garage door opener code. The next day (2/10/14) my daughter, Brittany D., and her then boyfriend, Jordan Y., parked down the street from our house on a stakeout while Kirsten and I were away. At about 6:30 pm they observed a white pickup truck circle our block, slowly passing our house. This vehicle circled the block three times in this manner, then pulled into our driveway. They then reversed out, and continued in the same direction they had been heading before (meaning, they weren’t just “turning around”). They once more circled the block, and pulled into our driveway a second time; reversed slowly out, then up again, and finally out, eventually speeding off down the block and away. We have a video of this incident. The trucks license plate number was *******, and there was a company name on the side that read “********** Landscaping.

I later remembered seeing this truck parked in front of our house one other time. One day Kirsten and I left home for a scheduled appointment, however I forgot my wallet so we unexpectedly had to return home. When we turned onto our block this same pickup was sitting in front of our house, facing the wrong direction. Two guys were hurriedly tossing a few items into the truck, which I was unable to identify, and then they jumped in and sped off; a third man was observed rapidly walking away from our house. This guy looked to be about 60 years old with a well kept beard, and was wearing a polo style shirt and shorts. He could have passed for a retired golfer. He wasn’t someone we had ever seen in our (very small) neighborhood, which is on a “loop” style street, thus we get very little outside traffic. This person exited our neighborhood on foot and was last seen waiting to cross the street toward a public parking lot.

On February 24, Jordan, Brittany, Kirsten and I went to the Bend Police Department to file a report regarding this incident, and I turned in a copy of this report that also included the recorded phone numbers, physical addresses picked up by our modem, and the incident involving the Census worker. This was our third time reporting incidents regarding this case to the police. They refused to investigate and offered no legitimate explanation for their refusal except that it was too complex for them to handle. In fact the reporting officer indicated that we obviously had something real going on. (For the record, I am as clear reporting on this crime in person as I am on paper, and I also have witnesses to validate much of this abuse, so it is not as if they were dismissing me as mentally unstable; facts are facts and they cannot be denied). Nevertheless, they offered no help whatsoever.

Kirsten and I then spent the next few days trying to set up a system to protect our home. We shopped for webcams, downloaded a camera monitoring program onto my laptop called I-Spy, re-keyed our home, and shopped for more secure deadbolts and even browsed safes at a local locksmith.

Two days after filing the police report (on February 26), Brittany heard someone enter their home, at ***** Drive in Bend, in the middle of the night (she does not live with me). At the time she thought it was my other daughter, Ashley D., but in the morning Brittany learned that her sister had not been home the night before. Furthermore, when Brittany opened her Smartphone’s web browser, a page instantly popped up which she did not recognize, had never visited before, and found disturbing due to the content. It was called “,” though the page appeared to be a fake version of a real website. As we scrolled down this page we saw that it listed webcams, safes, locks, deadbolts, and other security items, all the things Kirsten and I had viewed over the last few days (see attached Screen Shot from Brittany’s Phone).

I took this as a direct threat against my 18 year old daughter in response to her filing a police report regarding the above incident. 

Several weeks later my other daughter Ashley heard a “loud noise” coming from their office. When she went to investigate she discovered it was coming from their computer. She noticed that the light on their webcam was on, which was unusual because they never use that camera and she had never seen it on before. She picked up the camera and looked directly into it and said “Now what are you doing on?” A moment later it turned off.

Since this time Ashley has been receiving random “wrong number” phone calls on her private cell phone, which, when she calls them back, do not connect to any valid number (she consistently gets recordings that indicate the number she dialed is not in service).

At about 1 or 130 pm on April 3 while Kirsten and I were both at work we received an email alert from our I-Spy home monitoring system that our laptop recording system had been triggered. It is connected to a motion detector. The email included a snapshot which appeared to show that my laptop had been closed (the picture was totally black except for the time/date stamp). We both received this same notification/pic in our separate email accounts. Within a few days this picture had been mysteriously, permanently, deleted from both of our email accounts. Additionally, whatever video I-spy had recorded that day had also been deleted from my laptop (the screen shots are just pictures extracted from videos, therefore if there is a screenshot there should be a video as well). See the attached picture of a Corrupted Photo, which I recently found on my computer. I am unsure if this is the deleted photo, mentioned above, since I cannot access it.

Also regarding “corrupted files,” shortly before I was about to file a copy of this same report about all this harassment with the police, I tried to open the document only to receive a warning message from MS Word that the file had been “corrupted or damaged.” My report had been destroyed. Thankfully, I had saved a backup copy.

Then, on February 27, just days after filing this report with police, which, as noted, included a list of physical addresses that had accessed our Wi-Fi, our modem rebooted itself without our prompting. When we then checked our modem to investigate, we observed that somebody had changed our modem’s settings from “save logs” to “delete logs” upon rebooting. We had intentionally set the modem to save its logs. As a result, all previous data was obliterated, including the physical addresses we had observed.

On the morning of 3/28/14 I noticed that my laptop’s battery was totally depleted (we had left it unplugged). This suggested to me that our laptop had been used while we were asleep the night before. I checked our modem’s logs and saw that indeed the system had been active between the hours of 12:30 and 12:43 a.m. One suspicious website that had been visited during that time stood out, which I found on another later log as well. The website was “”. I saved copies of both these logs as evidence, and they are available to investigators upon request.

One day around this same period in March I asked Kirsten to go get our mail. In the privacy of our living room I joked with her that I didn’t want these people to steal this month’s copy of Esquire, which I receive via subscription (I wasn’t really concerned with the magazine being stolen. The joke was that we never seem to get anything of importance in the mail). A few days later I did receive the latest Esquire, and I placed it on our kitchen counter. When I returned home from work the next day, the magazine was gone and was never located.

At some point after this date I decided to reinstall Windows Vista on Kirsten’s laptop as it was evident someone had open access to our computers. I did this in the morning just before I had to go to work, and afterwards I stored her computer in a footstool in our living room. The next day when I went to retrieve it I noticed that the power cord had been tied in a knot. The way this was done was such that it could not have occurred by accident as the knot was formed in the upper section of the cord above the power converter. Thus one would have to unplug the cord from the laptop, tie a knot, and then plug it back in. A few weeks later, after I mentioned this incident to Kirsten, I found my own laptop’s cord tied in a similar fashion; then my jump rope; then a pair of shoes, which were tied together; then a window fan, which was tied in two places along the length of its cord and around the handle (see Window Fan photo).

These incidents represent just a sampling of NUMEROUS illegal home invasions. This may sound like a lot, but in fact it is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Our Internet Provider

When I was dealing with the phone harassment, I called a few of these numbers back and two of them traced back to our internet provider, though it was not my account, it was Kirsten’s, and they did not even have my name or my phone number). This was suspicious since we had had so many obvious issues with our computers. During one of these calls that apparently came from them, the caller left a voicemail which said, “This is the Bulletin calling for Mary Thomas. Your subscription with us has expired. If you would like to renew, please call us back.” When I returned this call I reached a generic phone tree not for the Bulletin, which is a local newspaper, but for our ISP . Curiously, neither of these calls appeared on my phone records. I have no explanation for this.

I went to their office one day to inquire about whether our account had been accessed by any of their employees, and when I pulled into their parking lot I observed a car parked there which I immediately recognized. It was a classic, lime green American muscle car. It looked to be from the 1970s, or thereabouts. It is a highly recognizable car, and I had seen it consistently parked outside St. Charles hospital, where I taught meditation at the time. The other reason it stood out was because a group of people aged in their twenties and/or thirties was invariably sitting near this car on a spread of grass, and one of them would consistently approach me after my classes, sometimes engaging me in random conversation, or they would just get way too close to me, invading my physical space. This is another form of harassment I’ve repeatedly dealt with.

At our ISP I spoke with Chrystal L. a “customer service manager.” I told her about the calls I’d received from numbers that traced back to their company, the car, and our computer issues, and asked if she would compare my list of phone numbers with their employee records. I suggested she wouldn’t need to release the results to me directly, but could provide the information to the police. She refused. I mentioned the green car and she claimed she did not know of any employees who drove a car such as the one I described. However,  I must deviate from mere factual description here and add my opinion regarding this encounter: everything about her manner, tone of voice, and body language suggested that she was lying.

I then asked if my account had been accessed and she told me that her company does not track when or which of their employees access customer’s accounts, so she couldn’t tell me if any violations of our account had occurred. When I left she gave me her business card but blacked out her own cell number, claiming she had just changed it. Kirsten and I were still able to make out the number, however, and when I called it several months later (on 1/19/14), nobody answered but the call went to the voicemail of one “Crystal with **** *********”, the company in question.

In late November 2013, we decided to close our account with them and transfer our internet service to Century Link. On Friday, 12/6/12 at about 1 pm, about a week after our new service had been set up, a utility van from the old company, discussed above, parked outside our house, directly adjacent to where we have our Wifi set up. They remained parked there, idling, for some ten or fifteen minutes before they drove off.

Civil Liberties Violations

On May 30, 2014, I mailed copies of this report to the New York Times, L.A. Times, and David Goldstein, an investigative reporter with CBS, via Certified U.S. Mail. According to the U.S. Postal Service, these packages were never delivered, apparently having “vanished” during transit (see Certified Mail Receipts, which are attached in a file on my “Photographic Evidence” post).

In early June I sent a copy of this report via email to a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting victims of organized harassment (Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance), but they never received the email or its attached document. Also in June I sent a copy, once again by email, to an editor friend of mine, asking him to forward it to various journalists, but he also mysteriously never received the report. In July I emailed a third copy to a person who was a target himself and had in fact testified in front of Congress regarding his experiences. Whoever was behind his case illegally implanted a microchip in his shoulder. This was medically documented. In any case, he never got my message. In fact I have no way of determining how many copies of the report have never reached their intended recipients.

This represents, in some ways, the worst of this attack. Not only are these people harassing us in innumerable ways, engaging in felony eavesdropping,  and breaking into our home, they are directly interfering with our basic American right to communicate this story to the media and public by intercepting our physical mail, emails, and intentionally interrupting our access to the internet.

Miscellaneous abuses

What has been outlined here represents only a small portion of the abuse this group has perpetrated. Numerous other attacks have occurred in many forms, including online abuses such as placing fake orders through my website for books to international addresses which do not exist (according to Paypal), fake reservations for classes I am not teaching, harassment via e-mails, Facebook, and at my previous place of employment, which eventually prompted me to quit, noise campaigns, and much more. Some of this seems to amount to childish pranks, such as rotating both my passenger and driver-side mirrors so I couldn’t see traffic behind me (this occurred on 12/29/13 between 10 am and 5 pm while I was parked in the garage at the ****, which is a security building; thus, there may be video footage of it), unbuttoning both sleeves of the liner inside my jacket, so the sleeves came out when I took off my coat, coercing fast food vendors and restaurants into getting our orders wrong, and so on. Taken as a whole, however, all of these things combined—day in, day out—have been psychologically exhausting. Consider this: during the past two and a half years, scarcely a day has passed without some form of harassment taking place. It has only been during the past few weeks since I began consistently attempting to expose these crimes that the harassment has significantly abated.

Summary, Motive, and Suspects

While I have named a few suspects in a supplementary report,  which is available to investigators upon request, we do not know for sure who is behind the heart of this harassment. At first I believed this was either a personal vendetta by someone/s with special-forces or intelligence training who were motivated by the desire to attack my work. However, after much thought, I am no longer convinced this has anything to do with me personally. While I have no direct evidence, I feel I must openly vent here. It is possible I am being attacked by Monsanto, the giant GMO food corporation, the Israeli Government—both of whom are known for their strong arm, bullying tactics—or the United States Government. I know this may sound farfetched, but there are several points to consider:

  1. My dad, noted above, is a highly articulate and vocal psychologist and activist against what he considers to be flagrant moral and legal abuses perpetrated by Monsanto, Israel, and the U.S. Government. He has been involved in various causes for many years, and is a member of activist groups like Veterans for Peace, among others. He is a very real threat to some very powerful people, and I believe I am being attacked as a tool to intimidate him by extension. On a side note he was recently falsely accused of a crime (this incident did not appear at first to be related to this harassment, but on deeper reflection it certainly may have been in an indirect fashion). The charges were soon dismissed, but he was violently assaulted by two guards while in jail, an attack that was totally unprovoked. He is almost 80 years old, and this assault left him wounded to a degree that he required surgery to correct. He is still dealing with serious complications. I believe these guards were paid to attack him. Furthermore,  his house has now been broken into at least three times, as documented by his alarm company, and now his alarm system has inexplicably failed entirely.
  2. The  assaults against me are being executed with military precision. The perpetrators are experts at attacking a person psychologically, and perhaps physically as well, while avoiding legal charges. The lengths they have gone and the amount of energy, time, and money they have invested is perplexing. Obviously they are highly motivated, trained, and well funded. I am not incompetent when it comes to security and technology, but despite my best efforts I have been fully unable to protect myself and my home from these people.
  3. Due to the nature of some of the crimes it is hard to imagine this could occur without government support. For instance: The fact that our cell phones are apparently being monitored even though we have reset and encrypted them several times implies that we are either being harassed by Sprint Communications or the Federal Government. I will let the reader decide which is more likely. My understanding is this is simply not possible for ordinary hackers, and, on a side note, I found Edward Snowden’s reports regarding the government’s ability to de-encrypt private communications enlightening and more than a little suggestive considering everything we’ve been dealing with. Here are a few more key facts that point to federal involvement…
  4. The U.S. Census worker who pretended to brandish a firearm was obviously involved.
  5. The local police have refused to investigate even my simple initial complaint of phone harassment. To the best of my knowledge they have not contacted a single number from the list I provided, they have made no attempt to question the USCB employee—an incident that was witnessed by my fiancée as well—and they refused to contact the “landscaping” company to inquire why one of their employees repeatedly circled our block and pulled into and out of our driveway several times. This incident was recorded on video, and as a reminder it occurred after we a) realized someone had been entering our home, b) documented that our garage door had been accessed while we were gone, and c) changed the garage opener code. This was not a coincidence!
  6. I have had at least three certified copies of this report disappear which were mailed through the United States Postal Service. They were mailed in three separate packages to three different cities, and yet all of them vanished. Ordinary citizens cannot accomplish this.
  7. I am not alone in feeling that the government is participating in organized stalking. Many targeted individuals, as well as ex-government personnel, have started accusing the U.S. Federal Government of engaging in MKUltra and COINTELPRO-like projects again, using the Patriot Act and our nation’s paranoid, post-9/11 climate as leverage to experiment with new weapons, mind control, torture, and other forms of illegal human experimentation. The leading theory is that some federal entity, such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, or Homeland Security, is using gang stalking primarily to discredit test subjects’ complaints by making them sound crazy, while at the same time justifying legal warrants by claiming they are “investigating” the victim. In any case, if some government entity is behind my case, I wish it to be noted that this is obviously not a valid investigation. It is an assault. I am not a criminal. I’m a meditation teacher and a writer, and that is all. There is no possible way I, or my activities, could be construed as a threat to national security except in delusions, or implanted and/or manipulated evidence by the perpetrators themselves.

Regarding the allegations of human experimentation and electronic weapon’s abuse, I am not sure what to believe. However, as a writer I feel obligated to divulge everything I have personally experienced, which has in fact included some bizarre physical and cognitive symptoms over the course of this abuse. I did not at first associate these symptoms with the harassment until very recently when I started reading other victims’ claims. Here is some of what I have experienced:

  1. Over a period of about two to three months during the summer of 2012, just after the harassing phone calls began, I suffered from severe itching and tenderness of the flesh underneath the skin of the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet, as well as across my scalp, and, once, along the length of my right shin and heel. This was not an external rash, so it was not an allergic reaction, and it was clearly originating from beneath my skin. These symptoms were severe and maddening, causing me to scratch the afflicted areas endlessly, day and night, despite how painful the flesh underneath was. I have never experienced anything like this either before or since. When I went to see a doctor they could offer no explanation. To this day it remains a mystery. My daughter Brittany experienced a similar episode on her forehead after filing the police report. Interestingly at the time she reported her symptoms to me I had never told her about mine and yet they were identical.
  2. In late winter or early spring of 2014 I suddenly developed tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Curiously, right about this same time I received two random emails from strangers who claimed to have read one of my meditation books and were looking for advice on how to deal with tinnitus during meditation. Recently I learned that tinnitus is something many victims of gang stalking reportedly develop. Nobody seems to know why.
  3. At about the same time the tinnitus started, I began to experience a sort of background metallic, bitter taste in my mouth that, while not constant, is continuous enough that it has made be become concerned about poisoning. While this sounds paranoid, I believe a certain amount of paranoia is warranted, even wise, considering the number of times my home has been broken into. Furthermore, at least one ex-U.S. Army officer has testified that government agents have in fact been drugging people’s food as a part of the gang stalking regimen (watch the corresponding Youtube video listed on my separate blog post to hear this testimony for yourself). This would, perhaps, explain the motive behind the continuous illegal entries into victims’ homes.
  4. I have also developed medically unexplained dizziness, and on at least two occasions during face-to-face encounters with people I suspected to be involved in this stalking, I became acutely lightheaded and felt suddenly “detached” from my body and surroundings. This was severe enough that I was forced to grab hold of a nearby stationary object to keep from falling over. These incidents lasted only five to ten seconds but they were profoundly disturbing.
  5. Since this stalking began, I have been plagued by occasional sharp, shooting pains in my head, commonly referred to as “ice pick” headaches.
  6. Finally, I have developed severe insomnia of a most bizarre sort, as has my brother Jon D. who currently lives with my dad. Even when I do manage to fall asleep I awaken within just a few minutes as a result of random sounds that at first seem to originate in the outside world, but which I realize, after awaking, occurred in my head/in my semi-conscious sleep state (for instance, a clap, a whisper, a knock, or any random sound…). Other times a spontaneous jerking of one of my legs or arms forces me awake. These brief sleep periods are invariably laced with strange and disturbing dreams of a sort I find myself struggling to describe and quantify. After doing some investigating, I learned that in fact numerous other victims of organized stalking have also reported similar sleep disturbances.

What I do know for certain is that the organized stalking, harassment, eavesdropping and breaking and entering aspects of these crimes are absolutely real. After research and much consideration, I do believe these attacks are based on psychological warfare principles sometimes used by U.S. special forces and various intelligence agencies throughout the world. They are intended to intimidate, cause severe psychological suffering, and discredit the victim through a combination of mimicking mental disease, creating paranoia, and spreading false rumors in the victim’s community. Kirsten and I both have suffered enormous emotional distress as a result of these people’s actions, including insomnia, distrust of strangers, paranoia (though not unwarranted!), unnecessary conflict in our relationship, and fear for our lives—all symptoms associated with PTSD. We both feel we have been scarred for life as a result of this, and the damage is indescribable to people who have not been through something similar.

For more information on organized stalking, I have listed several websites and YouTube videos in a separate blog post. Much of what you will find online is absolutely real, however some of it is obvious misleading bunk. In my case I am a United State’s citizen with no history of mental illness, and I hereby testify that everything you have read in this report is true. Furthermore, the facts of this case … along with honest witnesses … cannot be denied. I have committed no crime, and have offered authorities my full cooperation in this investigation, including access to our phones and computers—invitations which they declined. Once again, this is not an investigation, it is an act of terrorism. Please stand up for your own rights by standing up for your fellow Americans. Educate yourself and share this post with all your friends and family.

With gratitude and hope,

T.B. Justice

July 12, 2014

Bend, Oregon